Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To My Country

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As everyone knows that China is one of the most beautiful Countries all over the world. It is really famous for its long history and civilizations. As a Chinese girl, I’m so proud of my Country. And of course, I love it deeply in my heart. not just because it’s my hometow Yantai is the capital of scenery, the hometown of apple and the city of wine! Now I'm going to join my hometown Yantai;
Have you ever been to the seaside and Nanshan Park in Yantai?
Have you ever tasted the sweet apple of Yantai?
Have you tasted Yantai Changyu Custer wine delicacies and wine?
I'll bring you all these questions;
Have you ever been to the beach in Yantai? The sea is boundless and the beach is soft. The scorching sun scorched the people in the summer, as if to say, "go swimming, go bathe."!" People rushed to the beach with a swimming ring, a bathing suit and a sun umbrella, and a large package of snacks. I saw the sea is a sea of people! When I came to the beach, I saw the children playing and chasing each other. Adults sit on the soft sand talking and chatting. Laughing and talking!
Look at the sea, the sea is still so salty, but
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Her charm is that she is a beautiful coastal city; her charm lies in her constant melon and fruit throughout the year; her charm is that she is an indispensable pearl in the economic circle around Bohai. However, in my mind, the charm of Yantai lies in the fact that she is a city full of modern civilization. For the city, the ancient Greek philosophers Aristotle had a moving picture: people to live in the city, living in the city, in order to make life more civilized. In Yantai, people will feel the profound cultural heritage and Civilization: clean road, simple friendly people of Yantai, the unit staff warm service, integrity management businesses, civilized driving drivers here, civilization is not stored in a moral exemplars, and more reflected in the ordinary people's daily life, reflected in their

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