Why Is Chimpanzee Research Unethical

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Wake up, nothing is the same. Look around, nothing is the same. Fall back asleep, nothing is the same. Everything is strange and unfamiliar: the environment, the people, and the surroundings. I can’t communicate with my family, I can’t socialize with my friends, and I can’t even exhibit my natural behaviors and be myself. I am a chimpanzee in a research center.
For decades, medical research on chimpanzees has been justified through the similar justification for slavery- a “necessary evil” used to advance medicine and science. Pulled away from their natural environments, these chimpanzees are forced to live in a habitat almost opposite to their natural homes. While they normally live in open areas to foster their innate social behaviors, the
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If we would not subject our own children to this kind of treatment, what justification stands for subjecting these chimpanzees to this treatment? Many people have claimed that research on chimpanzees is necessary for advancements in medicine, but various alternatives to this technique have risen, making the practice of chimpanzee research not only unethical but also unnecessary. From voluntary human subjects to in vitro models, there are more precise and effective methods that do not violate any ethical codes, while simultaneously receive more accurate results. Research against chimpanzees has been a practice since the 1900s, and today ten chimpanzee research institutions still exist across the nation. After hearing the chimpanzees screech and scream when taken out of their cages for testing and seeing the depressed, saddened eyes of the isolated chimpanzees in a video of the research centers by PETA, I was horrified and repulsed by the experiences that we have put these animals through and the devastating effect these centers have on these innocent creatures. After further researching the topic and discovering the use of different techniques in lieu of chimpanzee testing, I became enraged that these chimpanzee research centers still existed and infuriated the pain these animals are experiencing is completely unnecessary. Many animal rights activists have pushed the federal government to close these research institutions, and while the centers have drastically decreased and regulations for chimpanzee research has exponentially increased, the research is still legal and poses a problem for those chimpanzees currently being tested on. In order to completely correct this injustice, the federal government should ban funding of these research centers and ban testing on chimpanzees across

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