A Compare And Contrast Essay On Chimpanzees

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The other day I was talking to a friend of mine Tom about various animals while we were at the zoo. Then we had passed the chimpanzee exhibit and then Tom said a dumb remark stating that chimpanzees are like humans because they walk upright. Which I had responded they may share the ability to walk upright and share a few similarities, however, there are various differences that a human and a chimpanzee have like dietary, habit, and lifestyles. To begin with humans and chimpanzee have a different dietary consumption. Chimpanzees consume various leaves and insects. Also, chimpanzees consume bark from trees and bushes. Humans do not consume bark and insects, although humans and chimpanzees both consume leaves. In fact, both species consume fruit, meat, eggs, and seeds. But when it comes to meat chimpanzees eat it raw while humans normally do …show more content…
Chimpanzees will spend their days grooming themselves, eat food, and playing with one another. Also, chimpanzees will challenge any rival animal since chimpanzees are very territorial. Manly chimpanzees will also spend their day traveling around their territory by swing from branch to branch and balancing themselves by their knuckles. Chimpanzees will also partake in fishing actives to feed their family and their community as a whole. Human’s lifestyle is based on survival. Each human is trying to provide for their family. Human work gets food, water, and shelter. When there not working they either patriate in an activity, for example, writing, watching, television, exercising etc. Humans have to pay to live in a safe environment while chimpanzees do not. Chimpanzees can roam where they please and call it home (unless stepping into another territory) Human have to work in order to obtain a roof over his or her head. However, humans tend to help one another in times of need. Chimpanzees will kill other rival chimpanzees of one needed help for territorial

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