Culture A Golden Barrier Between Human And Chimpanzees

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All over the world we see people having some sort of culture from one country to the next country. The traditions that people in different countries can be passed from one generation to the following generation. But do we ever think and wonder that implies to animals such as chimpanzees? Do chimpanzees have culture? Different anthropologists define culture in different ways. Anthropologists proposed two definitions for culture. These two definitions are polar opposites from each other. According to the article “The second inheritance system of chimpanzees and humans” by Andrew Whitman, one defines culture as a solid blockade among human beings and creatures. (Whitman, 2005). According to the “ Culture a Golden Barrier Between Human and Chimpanzee?” …show more content…
Traditions can come in small or big ways. A person can have only one or very many traditions. Their a piece that makes up a culture for an individual. For example, My family and I have many traditions of cooking meals together. One of them being preparing vegetables for a meal. In my family, my mother was taught by her mother on how to cut the vegetables with knifes and peel the skins off. As a result, I was taught by my mother to prepare vegetables with tools as well.
In the article, “The second inheritance system of chimpanzees” the study was about finding out if groups of chimpanzees mirror similar actions of a human being’s culture. In the article “Is Culture a Golden Barrier Between Human and Chimpanzee?” by Christophe Boesch, the study was about examining the the impact of different traits that will cross culturally between Homo sapiens and
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Humans use hand signals everyday. these signals can be simple and very explicit. For example, if person A waves their arm and hand up in the air to person B, then they are gesturing a form of greeting or departure. Another example is that person A is touching and shaking hands with person B. This can also be a greeting or a sign of agreement translating from person A to person B. Chimpanzee have hand signals as well. They use it help each other in according to the article, “The second inheritance system of chimpanzees,” by Andrew Whiten, their is a type of hand gesture that chimpanzees practice commonly everyday in groups of two (Whiten, 2005). In addition, this hand gesture conveys a method of cleaning the fur off each other in chimpanzee’s collective

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