Through A Window, My Thirty Years With Chimpanzees, By Jane Goodall

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There are so many connections between us and chimpanzees, and in Jane Goodall’s book, through a Window, My Thirty Years with Chimpanzees of Gombe she observed chimpanzees. Jane Goodall is a primatologist and she lived 50 years of her life in the jungle studying chimpanzees. We also observed a video called Monkey in the Mirror Chimpanzees are so like humans with learning, development and growing knowledge. Mothers care and attend to their children, they have motherly instinct just like we do. Chimpanzees develop a sense of knowledge as they age as they learn to tricks or make new tools, they teach their young the skills they have learned. Those who get experience one on one with humans they obtain greater cognitive function, learning about objects, their names, and can listen to instructions.
Primatology is the scientific study of primates, studying their behavior, biology, evolution, and taxonomy of nonhuman primates. In the primate family It breaks down to multiply classifications, when you look at their phylogeny you see the evolution and change of primates.
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They use tools to eat food, or break open hard-shelled nuts. Chimpanzees can learn, and teach each other how to do techniques. Monkeys and apes both can use their fingers and hands very well. There have been chimpanzees who have learned to paint, like humans but of course it’s not perfect, but it’s still art. In the movie Monkey in The Mirror there was an orangutan in the community who wasn’t ever taught anything, but he learned by watching. Later, after watching the orangutan learned to wash himself, and wash clothes by observing them do it. If a toddler watches their mother, they can often repeat back what you say or do. This is similar in the life of a chimpanzee, a child can learn how to make tools, or create independence. Chimpanzees have also discovered Herbal medicines that helps when they’re

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