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  • Jalila Khamis Koko Essay

    Growing up in the Nuba Mountain region of Sudan, Jalila Khamis Koko grew up to face an incredible challenge in her life. Born in South Kordofan around 1968, Koko experienced and witnessed many violence from the civil war in her country. South Kordofan, centered in the Nuba Mountains with its capital, Kadugli, is the only state in northern Sudan to produce oil in its fertile area of Abyei, claimed by both Sudan and South Sudan since the two countries could not decide which one should own the oil-producing area (Sudan Tribune, 2016). This made the state’s Nubian people a target of the military in the north. Ran by their governor, Ahmed Haroun, civilians of the area have experienced an ongoing war. The five-year battle in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan began in 2011 between the combined force of South Sudan 's army (Sudan People’s Liberation Army) and the military organization of the rebels of the north (Sudan People’s Liberation…

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  • Koko And So What Analysis

    Research Project A comparison of “Koko” and “So What” “Koko” as well as “So What” are two of the most influential and famous pieces pertaining to Jazz. With “Koko” being composed and performed by Charlie “Bird” Parker and “So What” being composed and performed by Miles Davis. These two musicians are no doubt heavily involved in the development of jazz and are two of the most renowned musicians in the world. “Koko” was composed in the early 1940’s, where as “So What” was composed in the late…

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  • Primate Discussion Questions

    What did you think of these films? Answer: I loved watching them, especially Koko, it was a rollercoaster ride for my emotions. It was fascinating to see the way Koko and Kanzi, had learned to communicate in the same language that humans do. I keep wondering if more people were as dedicated as Dr. Patterson with this subject, how far we would be today with communicating with other primates. Would these primates eventually be teaching other primates the human language by means of cultural…

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  • Characteristics Of Prairie Dogs Language

    of patterning, and structure dependence (“Prairie Dogs…”). Koko is an amazing gorilla that learned and uses sign language to communicate with human caregivers. However, because of few scientific papers and data not available to others, questions are raised about whether the extent of Koko’s communication is completely real, or if some of it may be those close to her projecting her achievements because they want her to succeed (Hu). Koko does use semanticity because she is using sign language to…

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  • Conversation With A Gorilla Analysis

    Francine Patterson in his writings of "Conversations with a Gorilla” describes about the life of Koko. He describes that some animals also react like humans, for example, Koko. The main idea of the article is that Koko is using the same language as humans or not. Well, I strongly agree with the statement that Koko is using language in human ways. As this article shows that scientists taught other animals to converse with signs, but Koko was the first gorilla who has done this. Moreover, she…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving School

    Moving schools was the worst thing for me, especially around the time of the year ! This happened in 5th grade , I moved on the last day of 4th grade. I moved to Washington, GA . I didn't like it at all from the start , we were in the middle of nowhere living with my grandma. Half way during the summer my mom surprises me by bringing a dog home, her name is KoKo. KoKo was my only friend at first, then I met a few cousins. There was this one girl named Taliyah, Taliyah Ried , she stayed with me a…

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  • Koko's A Change Of Heart About Animals

    Animal rights are the benefits that people give to animals. Benefits that people give from human use and abuse and the right to protection from human use and abuse and rights can take the moral, legal and practical forms. According to Rifkin 's article “ A change of heart about animals” there is evidence that animals do feel pain and love. For example, elephants moan when they lose a loved one, Koko knows sign language and understands bunch of words, pigs the react differently when they get what…

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  • The Importance Of Animal Rights For Apes

    realization has led to animal rights activists to fight for apes to have human rights. Many countries, such as the U.K. and New Zealand, have not only given these apes rights ,but they also have banned medical testing on apes and banned them from being confined in zoos or circuses. However, the U.S. refuses to completely stop medical testing on apes, but animals activists have been successful in persuaded the government to reduce the funding for medical testing on apes. Even though we share…

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  • Charlie Parker Take 5 Analysis

    Here you can see the blues-scale feeling in the melody, as the accidentals create the variety in the harmony and melody of the song. There are two versions of this song, the single version and the album. The difference is the single version is 2:55 and the album version is 5:28. The album version has that energetic solo. The difference between Take 5 and KoKo is that Take 5 is West Coast Cool Jazz and KoKo is Bebop. West Coast jazz: It is actually a diverse subgenre that was popular jazz music…

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  • A Man Of The People Character Analysis

    An ally of Chief Nanga Chief Koko tries to weaken the C.P.C with bribery. Maxwell, one of Odili’s senior party members bribed, “Chief Koko offered me one thousand pounds” (Achebe, 1966). Chief Koko offers Maxwell the money to try and get him to abandon his political activities to weaken the rising C.P.C. Although Maxwell takes the money, he does not abandon Odili and the party. Chief Nanga and his allies in the country try to stop the party’s growing influence by bribing members to pull their…

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