Kol Nidre

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  • The Jazz Singer Analysis

    Notwithstanding the alternative ending of the play, it is significant that Jack Robin earns the forgiveness of his father, sings the Kol Nidre at his synagogue, and reconciles his ethnic and religious background with his secular future on Broadway. This interpretation, however, is not at odds with Rogin’s theory—that the lack of anti-Semitism on screen, and framing the film as a generational conflict is a form of encouraging assimilation. Musser’s reading, his assertion that the choice is not between Christianity and Judaism, but between tradition and modernity is based on the reading of the film as a tale of upwards mobility and aspirational achievement. Yet that form of achievement is rooted, fundamentally, in what Rogin refers to as the ‘fragmenting of the Jewish community’. In other words, systemic prejudices that were faced by Jews in this period of time—evidenced by the…

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  • Yom Kippur: Holiest Day In Jewish Culture

    when is your holiday celebrated during the year? What date(s) does your holiday fall on this year? Answer: Yom Kippur is in the tenth day of Tishri, this year it was in September 22 to 23. 2. How many days is your holiday celebrated? Answer: The celebration is celebrated over a 25 hour fasting period, but festivities related before and after Yom Kippur may last longer. 3. What activities are done each day of your holiday? Answer: With the exception of ritualistic fasting and the Sabbath, Jews…

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  • Jewish Synagogue Case Study

    The history of the Congregation Beth Torah began June 24, 1988; the community was small at first and consisted of a couple dozen people. The first Erev Shabbat worship was held in the home of Dr. David and Cheryl Harris. On July 22, 1988 just over one hundred Jews prayed together at the temporary Jewish Community Center for the first official worship. On September 6, 1988 the community had receive its one hundredth member, and the first president Harold Sader, called a meeting to pass bylaws and…

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  • 1920s Film Analysis

    Singer would have been their first exposure to the traditions and rituals of Judaism. Music is an integral part of the film and it is used to emphasize the contradiction between traditional and modern. This contradiction is something Jack Robin faces throughout the film, as he attempts to integrate his past with his future. Robin isn’t abandoning his culture, rather he is navigating both which is an American experience that many immigrants are familiar with. The film uses music as a way to…

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