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  • Jon Stewart: A Comedy Analysis

    In the face of adversity, the best remedy can be comedy. Comedians manage to reach wide audiences and influence public opinion more than intended. Comedy for the most part is intended to be comedic first but it can be well informed and provide entertaining perspective. Noted satirical comedian Jon Stewart, former lead of The Daily Show, states his purpose clearly during an interview with Chris Wallace at Fox News in 2011 ( Wallace sees Stewart as an “ideological activist”, however Stewart sees himself as a comedian informed by ideology. A study conducted by Pew Research Center in 2014 estimated that 12% of Americans received their news from the same Daily Show (…

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  • Political Satire

    Daniel O’Brien is the head writer and creative director of video for He wrote an article on his website (leading up to his book “How to Fight Presidents”) and found out the hard way that you should not google the weaknesses of a living president without expecting a visit from secret service agents who are immune to the charms of comedians. O’Brien has been with the website Cracked since 2007 or as he claims “before they were cool” (O’Brien). Comedians who read O’Brien’s article…

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  • I Am America, And So Can You ! By Stephen Colbert

    “I don’t like books, they’re all fact, no heart” -Stephen Colbert. As ironic as this quote may seem it is another example of Stephen Colbert’s comedic style, thick satire. “I Am America (And So Can You!)” is another fantastic presentation of Colbert’s conservative capitalist character already shown on the Colbert Report. The book addresses issues that Americans face as adults and current issues facing the nation, plus a note to the future. All these issues are taken on with humor and satire…

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  • Importance Of Broader Sources Of Knowledge

    Broader Sources of Knowledge In ancient times, people passed on survival experience to the next generation through oral method. Later, various ways such as making ropes, drawing pictures on walls, and characters emerged to record daily events. People record daily life in order to educate next generation so that the next generation of people can live a better life. With the advent of photographic film, the recording process becomes more and more lifelike and vivid. With the rapid development of…

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  • The Daily Show Stewart John Effect

    The Daily Show - Consequence-Free Speech Stewart John during this podcast criticizes an NBA sports and political personnel. The structure itself comes from a network named “Comedy Central’. Compared to our podcast, The Daily Show had focused far more on criticisms. The main genres that the podcast focuses on is politics and comedy. The comedic touch towards the podcast was that he was able to keep audiences entertained by making a humorous atmosphere with jokes and mocking other people while we…

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  • Analysis: The Colbert Report

    Does watching the news make viewers laugh? Do they understand what the news show is trying to explain? Airing Monday through Thursday at 11:30pm, The Colbert Report, a television show, is a satire news show that displays an easier to understand form of news. The Colbert Report is a parody of the news show The O’Reilly Factor which takes on current controversial political issues. The star of The Colbert Report is Stephen Colbert. He plays a character on the show who is silly and sarcastic. The…

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  • Similarities Between Twilight And Fifty Shades Of Grey

    Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is no doubt one of the most popular books of this generation. Some even argue that it has become more popular than the Harry Potter book series. Although this could be debated what is definitely not up for debate is that Twilight has left a mark on this world. One of the most significant outcomes of Twilight is the extensive amount of fanfiction that has been created around the fictional town of Forks,Washington and its residents specifically Edward Cullen and…

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  • Narrative Techniques In Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window

    In Alfred Hitchcock’s film, Rear Window, he uses elements of film in a way that expresses to the audience what the character desires and the power relations that exist between them. In the sequence where Lisa and L.B. Jeffries have dinner from “21 Club,” their contradicting desires are expressed through these various elements. For example, Hitchcock uses framing, editing, and character positioning within the mise-en-scene to portray that Lisa desires Jeff but he doesn’t feel as strongly of her.…

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  • Feminism In Miley Cyrus

    “Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.” Before we begin to answer whether or not Miley Cyrus is a feminist, we need to understand the true meaning of what feminism really is. Meanings range from an array of options, however, it comes down to…

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  • Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Essay

    The music video “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke might have won its controversial fame because of the lyrics or the exposed nudity, but one thing is sure: it was the moment for Emily Ratajkowski to shine. Emily started her career at the age of 14, signing with Ford Models. After that, she tried auditioning for several productions like Nickelodeon or Disney. She tells me “At the beginning I was exited to start an actress career until I notice that the only they offered me were the mean girl or…

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