Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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  • The Importance Of Forgiveness In Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    Fighting is always easier than forgiving, for placing blame brings no tarnish to oneself. As humans (and seagulls) we cannot hope to move forward without leaving what holds us down behind us. In Richard Bach’s novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull, forgiveness is weaved throughout the tale of a seagull, daring to go beyond the norm, facing the consequences for the pursuit of happiness. Despite his banishment from the rest of the flock, Jonathan begins the discoverence of the secrets of flying by himself until he hits his maximum flying ability. Shortly after, he is brought to a new level of being and flying by another group of “enlightened” seagulls. The parting words of Jonathan’s mentor Chiang, “ keep working on love”, impart on Jonathan the…

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  • The Myth Of The Cave Analysis

    An allegory is by definition a story that contains a moral, political, or religious meaning both Johnathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach and “The Myth of the Cave” by Plato are both examples of this. In reading of these stories, there exist several similarities and innumerable differences. Flock members ban Johnathan Livingston Seagull for flying too fast and reckless, whereas in the cave a prisoner escapes from darkness into the light. Johnathan Livingston Seagull and “The Myth of the…

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  • Homer Doctorow Analysis

    Disability may only be a matter of judgement. This concept appears in Homer and Langley, where Edgar Lawrence Doctorow depicts the possibilities in the life of a blind protagonist, Homer Collyer. Although Homer discerns darkness in a negative connotation, darkness can only be seen and sight is not the only sense for humans. Thus, blindness does not replace the senses or disconnect the Collyer brothers from the world. In a passage on page 159, Langley Collyer’s theory of replacement enables Homer…

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  • Oasis Springs: A Narrative Fiction

    Observation – life has a way of getting away from me of late despite the time I dedicate to planning and preparing. Oasis Springs lies at the root of this recent development, I’m sure. After all, things always went according to plan before I moved here, my days quiet, orderly, peaceful – dull, boring and predictable. Now? Let’s take my failed attempt at a barbeque for example, my efforts to throw the party of the year resulting in the fiasco of a lifetime. I swear, I will never live long…

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  • Madiba Essay

    Despite and above all “When a person desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person realize this dream.” Madiba was a poor young man who accepted to support everything in order to take his family out of poverty. It was all about a dream, a dream of a simple child. Madiba considered his life as a challenge to overcome. Sometimes, it’s the fear of failure itself that make a dream impossible to achieve. Madiba couldn’t think about failure even though his situation headed for the…

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  • Airplane Descriptive Writing

    The phone rings at 2 a.m. We get news to immediately catch a plane and travel across the globe to be part of a last minute wedding, not knowing why everything is happening so suddenly. I had just entered my senior year of kindergarten, which felt like a huge transition for me since I had spent my first year of school crying every single day, pretending to be sick, grabbing onto my grandmother 's blouse and not letting go until the teacher would let her stay with me. Now I have to go on my first…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Clueless

    Accepted to CSUEB and I dived in clueless. Clueless as to what will be surrounding me for the next four years and clueless as to who I wanted to be. I accepted any challenges facing my way because I believed leaving home will be better than staying. As my father drove up the hill I looked out towards the bay and took in the view and prayed that I made the right decision. At first it was hectic looking for my classes and getting use to my new roommates. I felt a sense of joy yet I still felt a…

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  • Wenger Out: A Short Story

    Did you hear what happened? Did you hear the tail of Jack and his pins? It all started one day Jack went to go buy some milk and other groceries, because they were out. On his way to sell Bess he ran into a man carrying a big white sign that read “Wenger Out” in huge red letters. As he tried to avoid the man, for logical reason, but the man walked up to him “Here you look like you want this. Crack it open and see what inside.” the man said with small laugh and the end. Jack was so scared he…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Mizuno Wave Inspire

    Narration Summer is when people have fun with friends, enjoy the hot, dry air, go swimming, and live it up. It is when they are finally out of school and feel free again because they have nothing to worry about for the next three months. However, if someone wants shoes as nice as the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12’s like I did, one has to do a little work. The shoes looked so light that when wearing them, it would feel like walking on clouds, and the color was a gorgeous Key West green. My uncle is…

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  • Abram Short Story

    Guiding his friend Abram forward into the large marble bathroom the conversation continued. Encouraging his friend, feeding insight of a new beginning, stabilizing his life with self-discipline, while taking his place on the marble bench. Although the one-sided conversation grew, the wish for Abram to shave went unanswered. Lecturing his friend to face the facts of life, earnestly inquired, ‘What’s your problem Abram? Killing yourself over this woman is not the solution! You lost a tremendous…

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