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  • Consequences Of Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin was a man with huge power that came with consequences for the people of the Soviet Union. Although he didn’t always have a remarkable childhood, things had changed for him later on his life. Looking back, Stalin climbed to his success in his near future because of one decision that was made by another in his life, which lead him to rule. Many events that fell through from his leadership had impacted the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe as not every decision Stalin made was wise since the events that followed afterwards ended up having consequences. Joseph Stalin didn’t always have a pleasant lifestyle when he was growing up. According to a biography named “Joseph Stalin”, Stalin was born into a dysfunctional and poor family in…

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  • Joseph Stalin Personality

    Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, better known as Joseph Stalin, once said, “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” His harsh, eye-opening words are just a glimpse into the man’s corrupted ideologies. Due to his rigid mindset, Stalin became infamous rather than famous. His interesting childhood and unorthodox beliefs lead him to become a powerful and merciless dictator that could only be matched by the atrocities of Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot. In addition to his strict…

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  • Joseph Mccarthyism Quotes

    “At last you have no decency?”, this quote was said whenever an army official had been accused of communism the decency this person had to accuse these people were as low as the decency of some of these accusers. “ A victim in the end of his own recklessness” (Joseph Mccarthy). This quote about the red scare shows that even though some people even though they may not have known any communist would accuse these people to get the attention off of them. In some cases many people got killed for…

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  • Joseph Haydn Accomplishments

    In the spring of 1732 in the quaint village of Rohrau, Austria, Franz Joseph Haydn was born. His father Mathias was a wheelwright like his father before him, and had a strong sense of ambition and pride which he also instilled in his children. Neither Haydn’s mother nor Mathias could read music. Even so, the large Haydn family was known to spend the time following their evening meal singing songs around the accompaniment of a harp. This musical family laid the framework for a boy that was…

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  • Tactics Of Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1952. He was a rough communist leader who spread fear, terror, and other horrid emotions to his people. Many hate Stalin for his brutal leadership and have even called him worse than Hitler in terms of authority and deaths among his people. Like many strong dictators, Stalin used many different forms of horror to keep a iron grip reserving his position of lead in his country. But how exactly did Joseph Stalin keep the Soviet Union…

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  • Joseph Stalin And Communism

    Stalinism communism The German Philosopher Karl Marx who created the Marxism ideology. He advocated for political, social, and economic principles. Marx assess the workers to have a revolution against the capital system to eliminate the classes and have an equal rights to everyone. Therefore, the first head of the Soviet Union, the revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, who gave the workers what Marx had in his mind with changes of some crucial aspects of Marx 's in order to fit it into the Russian…

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  • Joseph Mccarthy: The Rise Of Communism

    World War II being fought and communistic countries emerging, Americans feared that their government would be taken over by communists. This fear goes down in history as the Red Scare. Americans wanted to know that they would be protected from a communist takeover. One man saw this weakness in the American population as a way to gain personal power. This man 's power trip is now referred to as the McCarthy Era, an era full of witch hunts and lies. Joseph McCarthy allowed his own fear and…

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  • Joseph Stalin: The Man Of Steel

    Joseph Stalin When people hear the name “the man of steel” should they think of Clark Kent, the crime-fighting hero from the comics? Well how about Joseph Stalin, mass murder and dictator of Communist Russia. One may associate murderer and dictator in a poor fashion, but Joseph Stalin contributed immensely to the future of Russia during his rule. Joseph had the mentality that if you opposed his views then you should be eliminated. The result of that view was an estimated 20 million dead people…

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  • Joseph Mccarthy And The Red Scare

    Joseph McCarthy was was born in 1908 in the Town of Grand Chute in Outagamie County, Wisconsin. McCarthy was an American Politician who served as a U.S. Senator from the state of Wisconsin from 1947 until 1957. McCarthy died on May 2, 1957 the cause for his death was acute hepatitis. In the 1950’s, the Red Scare was fueled by right-wing charges concerning American communists, communist sympathizers, citizens who were thought to be unwittingly assisting the communist native attempts to achieve…

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  • Joseph Mccarthy Red Scare

    and many were not happy about the decisions made during this time. Furthermore, the actions made eventually followed to a content community. Joseph McCarthy was a U.S. senator from Wisconsin. He intended to uncover and suppress domestic communists during the 1950s. Joseph believed that there were communists working to overthrow the U.S. government from inside. Thus, imaginable communists left, and the entertainment industries had their names expelled. As a result, it kept them from several work…

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