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  • Compare And Contrast Memento Book And Movie

    Have there ever been a time when you see a movie and then read the book it was based off? I have. The experience made me think about issues, conflict, and the differences and similarities, and while doing so I was able to compare the movie with the story. Using the film Memento, by Jonathan Nolan and the story Memento Mori, by Nathan Nolan, made it possible to view and read the same story but in a different direction. The film focuses on a character named Lenny or Lenard, and the entire film was centered on his memory lost, but the film was uniquely directed, starting from the end to the beginning. This type of directing was used to draw the viewer into the character’s life, which also left the viewer in suspense of the true meaning and ending of the movie. However, the short story Memento Mori did the complete opposite, it started the story off at the core focus of the movie, losing his memory and waking up in the hospital. Both the short story and the film had many similarities in the point of view, and differences in the structure and both criteria’s are examined and discussed. While many may need visual elements to better understand and follow along, the structure of a story can redirect and draw in the reader…

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  • Narrative Techniques In Memento

    Done by Joshua nagenthiram Memento is a psychological thriller directed by Christopher Nolan where we see the film through the perspective of the main character Leonard Shelby. Leonard has short term memory and only remembers certain glimpses of his past. The way this film is shot is through Leonard’s point of view where you see how his short term memory effects him with grasping things together and most of the time we’re just confused as he is. The film is shot backwards and is like a puzzle…

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  • Inception Movie Essay

    pursue, and so much is to be anticipated. He is Christopher Nolan. Certainly, Christopher Nolan is the one of the most successful directors in the 21st century. According to Internet Movie Database, he started making films when he was seven years old with his father’s camera. His movies have earned over 4 billion dollars, which is more than the GDP of 50 countries. Not just the financial success, but the quality of his films can also bring him the certification. He has won 121 awards and 127…

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  • Examples Of Foreshadowing In The Prestige

    The movie The Prestige follows an intricate and remarkable story about the rivalry between the two 20th century magicians, Robert Angier and Alfred Borden. Directed by Christopher Nolan, this movie’s story grows from simple acquaintances to taking drastic measures just to one-up each other, and be the better magician. The movie contains many plot twists, the largest of which was that Borden and his ingénieur Fallon were actually twins in disguise. This and some of the other plot twists were…

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  • Symbolism In Rosebud

    The motif of the sled is quite significant, not only in this sequence but throughout the course of the film. ‘Rosebud’ is Mr. Kane’s last word on his deathbed and the film’s plot is based around uncovering the meaning of this peculiar word. The mystery is finally put to rest at the end of the film when Kane’s childhood sled inscribed with the word ‘Rosebud’ is thrown into a furnace. In the ‘Thatcher taking young Charles’ scene, the sled acts as a visual metaphor of Kane’s childhood. He is seen…

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  • The Importance Of Perseverance In Betty Smith A Tree Grows In Brooklyn?

    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith is a novel about perseverance through hardship, as Francie Nolan grows up in the impoverished immigrant neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, during the 1910s. Her mother Katie works tirelessly as a janitor all day and must support her family because Francie’s father Johnny is an alcoholic. The Nolan family lives each day uncertain if there will be enough money for the bare necessities, such as food or wood for a fire. Throughout the novel, Francie…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Anthem, By Ayn Rand

    It is a sin to write and read the following. It shows the ways in which the character, Equality 72521 from the book Anthem by Ayn Rand, and how he was not in by any means wrong in writing what he had written. The following will go through the community, himself, and finally his independence from the community and his “brothers” of his old life. The community is the words you hear most often when talking about an environment. It’s one of those words we are all taught when we were younger about…

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  • Career Values Scale Report: Psychometrics

    The Career Values Scale Report (CVS) is a Psychometrics assessment tool that looks at how an individuals’ personal values influence their career path. Career values can be defined as facets that individuals find important in relation to their work life. An individual may complete it before entering the work force or if they are looking to switch careers. Completing this assessment allows an individual to gauge what they are interested in as well as what they are not interested in. After…

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  • Virtual Group Evaluation Essay

    Domingas Fernandes Evaluation #3 On Wednesday night March 30th, I opened my Blackboard page and noticed that I had a notification from my Virtual Group. My group members had already started the discussion about what Electronic Meeting System we would be using for the assignment. GoogleDoc, being the most widely used, was suggested and everyone seemed to agree with it. We also shared our phone numbers and decided to use iMessage. On the following day, it seemed that everybody forgot that we…

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  • Analysis Of Antonioni's Blow-Up

    In Antonioni’s Blow-Up, symbols are a large part of the characterization of the main character Thomas, and play a huge role in the execution of the themes and overall plot. The film is rarely direct, having many scenes and interactions whose intended purpose is complicated and usually hard to decipher at first, leaving the watcher very confused after it’s completion. While many aspects of the film seems disjointed with no connection or meaning whatsoever, most of the meaning is symbolically…

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