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  • Joplin Junior College Case Study

    Joplin Junior College was founded in 1937. During this time, it had 114 students and 9 faculty members (Archives Collection Guide). In 1968, it became a four year college and changed the name from Joplin Junior College to Missouri Southern State College in 1977. In 2005, it became known as Missouri Southern State University (In Pursuit Of Excellence). Missouri Southern is home of many notable alumni. Some of the alumni include Missouri State Senator Ron Richard, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Rod Smith, and another Missouri politician, Gary Nodler. When deciding where to go to college, it is important to keep not only the cost in mind, but the outcome as well. Joplin is a city located in southwest Missouri containing 50,180 people (Welcome…

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  • Jans Jooplin: Heroin And The Life Of Janis Joplin

    Camarin Georges and Brianna Ciasulli Mr.Jenkos Health Period 2 6/17/15 Janis Joplin Heroin Janis Joplin was born on January 19, 1943 in Port Arthur , Texas. She was born into a family that was very religious and went to catholic church frequently. She had two younger siblings. When she was younger she was in a group of outcasts who listened to blues music. She was influenced by these songs and artist. Some singers she liked listening too was Bessie Smith and Lead Belly. Around…

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  • 2011 Joplin Tornado Essay

    Sunday, May 22, 2011 started as any other conventional Sunday morning. People waking up early to go worship their God, a few sleeping in, and others on their way to work. Expeditiously all that peace was ripped away from their souls. May 22, 2011 will forever have a hold of the hearts of many Missourians in Joplin. The 2011 Joplin tornado was a catastrophic EF5 multiple-vortex tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri in the late afternoon of Sunday, May 22, 2011. “The Enhanced F-scale, or EF scale,…

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  • Summary: The Joplin Effect

    The Joplin Effect Natural disasters are defined as major adverse events that result from the natural processes on earth. These events include floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other geologic events that can cause loss of life or severe property damage. The severity of the adverse event depends on the affected population’s ability to recover from such an event as well as the infrastructure available. Weather (meteorological) disasters are adverse…

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  • Joplin Tornado Essay

    Joplin Tornado Tornados can be one of the most damaging weather disasters aside from hurricanes. These spinning funnels of air become more deadly with the length of their path and the amount of debris that they pick up. Each year tornados create a path of destruction throughout the United States. In 2011, the city of Joplin Missouri and its near 50,000 residents had a tornado rip through the town for almost 38 minutes. The tornado was rated at an EF-5 magnitude with multiple vortexes. The…

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  • Joplin Tornado Summary

    The main idea of the articles is that the Joplin tornado was very traumatizing and scary for the people who survived it. A storm chaser named Jeff Piotrowski videoed the Joplin tornado and had to help lots of people out of the rubble, dead and alive. He said that it was like that house after house for three hours straight. He also said it was very traumatizing and you can’t just understand or make up how traumatizing it was. The effects disasters have on people who survive them can include the…

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  • Joplin Tornado Analysis

    On May 22, 2011, Joplin, Missouri was hit by an EF5 tornado. A News-Leader article written by Thomas Gounley, “Five years after the devastating Joplin tornado, here's what the city looks like,” written five years after the disaster, explains the lasting effects of the tornado on the city. The article explains where the tornado touched down, how much damage it did, and what the lasting effects are on the community. The focus of the article is to give readers an inside-view of how specific…

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  • Scot Joplin Biography Essay

    Biography Scot Joplin was an African-American pianist and a composer who was born in between 1867/68 and died on the 1st of April 1917. Scot Joplin was born into a musical family of railway laborers in Texas. He was greatly helped by his teachers to develop and understand his knowledge of music in his early years. In his young age, the composer grew up in Texarkana where he was involved in the formation of a vocal quartet and also taught guitar and mandolin (Berlin, 1996). In the late 1880’s,…

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  • Ragtime Music In The 1900's

    Louis, Missouri, along with his two students, Arthur Marshall and Scott Hayden, as well as his publisher John Stark (Trout). While in St. Louis, Joplin composes several musical pieces, such as “Cleopha” in 1902, which is a march and two step, Ragtime musical piece “Elite Syncopations” in 1902, and the well-known piece called “The Entertainer,” a Ragtime and two step form, which he composed in 1902. Through these compositions, Joplin gains popularity, praise and respect, however he was not fully…

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  • How Does Music Influence Art

    article published on, “The music scene was the voice of [the 60s] and heavily influenced the iconic fashions that were created during this decade.” Richardson’s research shows the first movement in fashion was inspired by Britain. Britain gave us The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and many more iconic bands. Richardson’s research also highlights designer Mary Quant. Quant created the ever-so-fashionable miniskirt and it began to spread throughout all of America. Research indicates that…

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