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  • Essay On Civil Rights In Uruguay

    Bordaberry ran against Wilson Ferreira, who won the most votes of all the candidates; however, Bordaberry, due to some maneuvers with the votes and a blind eye on the part of his party, tipped the election in his favor. During the transfer of power, Bordaberry and Pacheco were even more aggressive in their suspension of civil rights. In 1972, in response to these suspensions, unions in Uruguay launched a strike, in which the Tupamaros played an important role. Bordaberry declared a state of war and ordered the military to suppress the insurgency. The military arrested many of the Tupamaros until they were no longer an effective entity. Even though the Tupamaros had been disciplined, the military decided to take action on the Tupamaros’ supporters. In 1973, Bordaberry suspended the remaining constitutional rights of the people, and a couple of weeks later, the military itself suspended Congress and enacted a Supreme Military Council, completing the military coup d’état (Weschler 1990,…

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  • The Journey Of Jorge Ramos

    (“Why TV Anchor Jorge Ramos Swam Across The Rio Grande”). Jorge Ramos is a 58 year old Mexican/American journalist and author who is well known for spreading the Hispanic community’s rights and words. To me and many more Hispanics, he is a hero. Someone who doesn’t give up on us, but fights for us. Jorge 's influences, challenges, and legacy are worth knowing about. Many people, events, and influences are what has shaped who Jorge Ramos is. He has came across many immigrants who have left…

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  • Characteristics Of Traditional Short Stories

    One thousand readers, one thousand Hamlets, different readers have different understanding to the story. Though the hills may have the special meaning such as pregnancy, we cannot know it actually because the writer did not write specific. “Library of Babel” written by Jorge Luis Borges is the example of no change, no plot and no possibility to make reversal. This short is about the understanding of the universal, the writer just simile the world as a library and describes the details of the…

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  • Challenges In The Third Bank Of The River

    Thorough out life, many people experience different challenges. In these stories the main characters all go through different types of challenges. The main character in Ray Carver 's "Cathedral" has the challenge of isolation and social awkwardness. The character Robert has the large challenge of being blind. In Jorge Luis Borges ' story, the main character has the challenges of insomnia and loneliness. And finally, the main character in J.G. Rosa 's "The Third Bank of the River" has the…

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  • The Name Of The Rose And Pynchon's The Crying

    references embedded into the meaning of the work discovered in the labyrinth of books and ideas of different philosophers (E.g. Roger Bacon), and the one who will miss the beauty of the works within the work. William is the personification of the open-minded reader in the novel while Adso, a mere novice, fails to see the importance of the subtle messages of life. Deeper still, with intertextuality, is the possibility that the entire novel itself is anchored to an extent to the lost Aristotelian…

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  • Jorge Luis Borges 'The Circular Ruins'

    Jorge Luis Borges was seen as a surrealist writer. He wrote through the perspective of dreams for most of his writings by trying to change reality into another meaning. He is a surrealist writer that had many experiences in life that affected his work and also used fictional ways of writing to tell stories that were actually true. Imagination, visions, and dreams were all used to shape his writing (“Literary Notes”). His short story “The Circular Ruins” is one of the best examples, because the…

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  • Literary Influence Of Edgar Allen Poe By Jorge Luis Borges And Thomas Pynchon

    Analysing specific examples of literary influence is paramount to practically exemplify prior theoretical claims. The influence of Edgar Allen Poe upon Jorge Luis Borges, and subsequent influence of Borges upon Thomas Pynchon, will be assessed. These authors have been selected as they emanate from distinct cultural contexts, while their writings are separated by several decades. Firstly, Borges (1998, p.196) directly acknowledges Poe’s influence, noting, “Poe taught me how to use my imagination…

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  • Bloom And Borges Sparknotes

    “Wallace combined, transposed, reimagined, reconfigured, and code-scrambled antecedent texts”, signifying diverse enactments of influence, which repurpose narratives. Thus, notions of literary influence are intricate and varied. Nominally, texts can inform past, present, and future cultural iterations. However, Bloom, Borges, and Thompsons’ theories are predicated on the inevitability of literary influence, as well as the continuity it cultivates, implying cultural transmissions are partially…

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  • Lefty Mendieta's Death In The Awakening

    court for trial (221). Although Mendieta doubts he did the right thing and breaks down in tears, he does take Dr. Para’s advice, meets a brown skinned woman in Mazatlán, and moves on with his life. Del Paso reports on pages 672 and 676, that history contains a bunch of little histories. Thus, these little histories are always under constant scrutiny according to location and time. For example, Rodolfo Usigli, a Mexican writer of Corona de Sombra’s prologue, states that this drama is against…

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  • Colonialism In Jorge Luis Borges's 'El Sur'

    Throughout much of the second World War, Argentina and Germany maintained a fairly civil relationship despite numerous bouts of tension. This amicable relationship was likely due to the vast amount of German immigrants present in Argentina; however, after increased pressure from the United States and the country’s concern regarding the rising popularity of pro-nazism primarily amongst its German residents, Argentina broke its ties with Germany and pledged its loyalty to the Allies. Argentinian…

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