The Journey Of Jorge Ramos

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“We in the Hispanic community are truly tired of both the Democrats and the Republicans promising all of these things during campaigns and then forgetting about it after the campaigns are over. (“Why TV Anchor Jorge Ramos Swam Across The Rio Grande”). Jorge Ramos is a 58 year old Mexican/American journalist and author who is well known for spreading the Hispanic community’s rights and words. To me and many more Hispanics, he is a hero. Someone who doesn’t give up on us, but fights for us. Jorge 's influences, challenges, and legacy are worth knowing about.

Many people, events, and influences are what has shaped who Jorge Ramos is. He has came across many immigrants who have left their home country to look for a better living for themselves
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Jorge Ramos himself has faced various challenges throughout his journey. As a journalist, he gets the opportunity to interview many candidates. Jorge Ramos has come across Donald Trump. Donald Trump is one of the 2016 Presidential candidates. (“Presidency 2016”). But, there 's something Mr. Trump said towards the Mexicans that caught Jorge Ramos attention. Mr. Trump called out the Mexicans: “When Mexico sends its people, they 're not sending their best," he declared in June. "They 're sending people that have lots of problems, and they 're bringing those problems with us. They 're bringing drugs. They 're bringing crime. They 're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” (“Donald Trump: Mexico going pay for wall.”). When Ramos heard this that didn’t stop him from trying to talk to Trump. On the contrary, that made him get up and try to interview or question Trump on why he said that about Mexicans. Jorge Ramos attended one of Trump’s campaigns and as soon as Ramos started talking about the immigrants Trump told him to go back to Univision. (What really happened between Jorge Ramos and Donald Trump.”) Ramos admitted it wasn’t going to be easy, but that didn’t stop him because he knew he had tons of immigrants counting on him. “I knew it was going to be tough” (What really happened between Jorge Ramos and Donald Trump.”) This shows us that no matter …show more content…
Ramos has helped spread the word and the lives of many immigrants that come to the U.S. For example, he keeps the Hispanics aware of what is going on with the Presidential campaigns on “Al Punto” and “Noticiero Univision”. (“Jorge Ramos Biography”). In Univision, Jorge Ramos was part of a Democratic Debate that was put on TV for the Hispanics to watch and understand in spanish. (“CNN to simulcast Univision Democratic Debate”). Jorge Ramos asks questions regarding the immigration reform, he is looking out for the Hispanics in any way he cans or whenever he has the opportunity to. He allows this debate to be something to help us see who will help us with the problems we are going through in the immigration reform. Jorge has been a great role model for us and someone who we can count to help our community. Jorge Ramos allows us to see what Presidential candidate benefits our needs in stay in the

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