Richard Rodriguez Aria Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… We all know that it is important to "fit in", but at what cost. Richard Rodriguez say's "The voices of my parents and sister and brother. Their voices insisting: You belong here. We are family members. Related. Special to on another. Listen!"( The bonding that was taking place at this point in his autobiography entitled "Hunger of Memory" would have never been meaningful, if they were speaking in broken English to on another. The way of the Spanish culture is family oriented that we see it take place right in front of our

face. It is not uncommon to see Mexican or Cuban immigrants attempting to make a better life for them-selves even risking certain death to become American citizens. Every one has the right to live free. Freedom is achieved by many foreigners who deserve it most. Once in this country there heritage and culture are still a part of who the are. Nobody can tell them to change to something new or develop new beliefs just to fit in. A foreigner culture and heritage will instill values and meaning to one's life that could be beneficial to any new society they become a part
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To become a part of the majority you must understand at least the basics of the English language. Success is based a lot of times on your "basic skills." Such as, writing, reading, communicating well with others, and having proper manners. With out at least the learning the basics of the English language one is setting them self up for failure. Now if that same person excels in the dominant language of there society, what ever it is, there most likely will be a place in the more exclusive part of community. America is set up in a way that is almost like one is either "in" or not. In any structured organization such as, school, work, groups, and clubs you have to fit in. America still has not learned how to completely get over the color of ones skin yet, which makes it difficult to "fit in." To be a person of color and not speak the dominant language as well places you as an outcast to the dream of public individuality. The label will be placed on you that you are an outsider and do not belong amongst us. As harsh as this sounds and as much as people say they do not discriminate we all know that is ridicules. Learning the English

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