The Latino Treat Narrative By Leo Chavez Summary

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Alan Bialostozky
Comm 100C
Professor McMurria
Spring 2015
Take home exam #3
Leo Chavez article “The Latino Treat Narrative” proposes a well-supported narrative to the nation’s anti-immigration discourse displayed by the media mostly in the USA. In this article, Chavez gives a critical overview and discussion about the images, stereotypes and falsified truths reproduced in society using and crafting recycled myths created by media experts, corrupt politicians, and people who openly hate immigrants from a Latino background. Chavez closely examines how “citizenship” has been seen and discussed through the legal organizations as a form of unity in the country through social and political participation. He claims that just critiquing discourse
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What truly stood out for me was an elderly Latino woman holding another sign that said “stop the deportation of dreamers”. To me this shows exactly what Chavez was fighting for in his article. This elderly woman and the people in the protest just want to be citizens in the county they love. That sign the woman is holding up is the basis of what this country was built upon. The land of the dreamers and the free. These people have adjusted to the culture here in the US. They came here with a dream to live better in hopes to have better lives. They are not here to take over anything or to hurt anyone. The biggest problem these people face according to Chavez is that Mexican immigrants unlike any other immigrant groups, are and have always been characterized as “illegal aliens” a social marker that legitimizes and criminalizes immigrants for taking advantage of social benefit, including …show more content…
Like most other colonies, France also took advantage of the cheap labor sources located outside their country. Women, such as Diouna, were used to work in fields, collect goods, food, and take care of children. The men would be used to collect rubber, oil, and even mine for diamonds and coal. The French made an enormous amount of money exploiting these people. Today the main language spoken is French even thought they still teach

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