Linda Chavez's Case Of Unocumented Immigrants In The United States

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It is often said that undocumented immigrants should not receive a United States of America citizenship, however it has become common to dismiss most of United States citizen are from different countries, which are not Indians that lived in the states from the beginning of time. I assert that undocumented immigrants who are born or naturalized in the United States should receive a citizenship because it is a part of the 14th amendment, which the amendment is documented by the constitution.
Everyone who had their citizenship who are born or naturalized in the United States should receive a citizenship, since they are protected by the 14th amendment. Most of the American citizens are not Indians, if this amendment does not exist, tons and millions will be kicked out of the United States. In Linda Chavez’s article “The Case for Birthright
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In other words, Chavez believes if everyone who are not protected by the 14th amendment, most of the American citizens who are not Indians should be consider aliens, which should not own a citizenship. This is important because it showed how the 14th amendment protected the undocumented immigrants to own an America citizenship. To put this in another way, if there was not a 14th amendment, America would not have a large population as today. Also the United States would not grow as quickly as it had if it wasn’t all illegal immigrants who work as laborers. Therefore, undocumented immigrants should have a citizenship if they are protected by the 14th amendment. In the other hand, if government decided to change the 14th amendment, only the Indians should be allowed to stay. In George F. Will’s article “An Argument to Be Made about Immigrant Babies and Citizenship”, he stated that “Although Indians were at least partially subject to U.S. jurisdiction, they owed allegiance to their tribes, not the United States” (599). I totally disagree with him, because nowadays in our civilized

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