Joseph Fourier

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  • Research Paper On Greenhouse Effect

    The Greenhouse Effect Most people recognize global warming, but fail to recognize what is really behind it. In addition, most people would also recognize the concept of the greenhouse effect, or at least some variation of it. The fact is that the greenhouse effect is what leads to global warming, but how does that happen? Let’s start with some historical analysis of the topic. The greenhouse effect (or at least a rough version) was originally thought of and recognized by Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier in 1824. Starting with the concept that the earth’s atmosphere acts as an insulator for the sun’s energy and heat, Fourier’s idea was recognized and theorized into what is now the known as the greenhouse effect. A more thorough description requires…

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  • Color Analysis Lab Report

    Introduction In color reproduction, gamut or the color gamut is a certain complete subset of colors, which can be accurately represented in a given circumstance such as given color space [1]. In another words gamut literally means the total range of possibilities that can be accomplished from red, green and blue (RGB) for a particular device [2]. If certain color cannot be reproduced accurately there is a way how to calculate the color difference by adequately describing the color by numerical…

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  • Comparison Between STFT And SWT

    method without using any Fourier transform or filters, 2nd; AWT was found more straightforward application and a superior alternative of STFT providing satisfactory information of the T-F characteristics. Ref. [16] explained a comparison between STFT and AWT, shown in fig. 16. Instead of STFT with uniform T-F resolution, AWT does not compromise on either temporal or frequency resloution and provides fine…

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  • Lefloxacin Cocrystals Lab Report

    Drug content in cocrystals was determined by taking equivalent amount of the powder containing 10mg of levofloxacin, dissolved in 10mL of ethanol, shaken for 10-15 minutes and the volume was made up to 100mL using simulated gastric fluid (enzyme free) of pH 1.2. The samples were centrifuged and filtered through 0.45 µm filter, diluted suitably and analysed using UV-Visible spectrophotometer (Systronics, India) at λmax of 227nm. All observations were done in triplicate. Fourier Transform Infrared…

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  • Filter Design And Harmonic Analysis In Power System

    devices. The presence of harmonics in power system is a major concern to power engineers for many years. Harmonics lead to industrial plant downtimes and power losses. Harmonic is the signal whose frequency is a multiple integer of the fundamental frequency. The highly non-linear devices are the sources of harmonics. Harmonic analysis is used to calculate the impact of harmonic producing loads on a power system [1]. The effect of harmonics on power system can be in the form of power efficiency…

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  • Chief Joseph's Last Years Summary

    The book I will be analyzing is, Kopet: A Documentary Narrative of Chief Joseph’s Last Year’s by M. Gidley. It was published in 1981 in Seattle, Washington, United States of America. This book is split up into three different sections: 1. Starting Out from the Meany Papers An introduction 2. Chief Joseph of the Nez Peres A chronology 3. White Witnesses to Chief Joseph’s End A Narrative This book discusses the last few years of Chief Joseph’s life, the white people…

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  • Mob Hysteria In The Salem Witch Trials And The Crucible

    of 205 names he had of communists in the State Department. According the HistoryMatters, McCarthy said, “I have here in my hand a list of 205… a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of States as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department” ( This quote demonstrates how accusations were running rampant during the McCarthy Era. If someone as high up as the Senate could be…

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  • Personification In Animal Farm, By George Orwell

    It stated that an animal should never take up the behaviors of man and all animals are equal. Both Old Major and Karl Marx died before being able to witness the revolution that took place because of their ideas and visions. After the Russian Revolution Marx’s ideas were distorted and changed by Stalin, the Soviet Dictator. This event is similar to Old Major’s because once the pigs began to withhold power his ideas and beliefs were corrupted. In Old Major’s speech he introduces animalism and a…

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  • Josef Stalin's Rise To Power And Ruler Of The Soviet Union Essay

    corpses on three or four sides, except where the door was.” By 1938, approximately 8 million Russians were in labour camps with a fifth of all prisoners dying each year, due to the inhumane conditions and weather. To this extent, the labour camps had a negative impact on the Russian people as the threat of being sent to one resulted in fear, which was amplified by the uncertainty of the fate of others they knew who were serving in the camps. Furthermore, the camps denied basic needs such as…

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  • The Perfect Prince And Machiavelli

    Machiavelli, a Renaissance philosopher, had an ideal image for a ruler as he discusses in his book, The Prince. The perfect prince should institute fear, punish the criminals, and know how to handle the hate. However, the prince must also have the qualities of cleverness, wiseness, and to be manipulative. Joseph Stalin, a ruler of the USSR, is often compared to Machiavelli’s idea of a leader. Stalin used tactics to institute fear, control his population, and control others, just like Machiavelli…

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