Isabel Martínez de Perón

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  • Isabel Peron Research Paper

    Isabel Peron was born on February 4, 1931, in La Rioja, Argentina. Isabel’s real name was Maria Estela Martinez Cartas. Isabel changed her name after her confirmation in the Catholic Church. Isabel was born in the low to middle class. Her father was a banker and he died when Isabel was a young girl causing her family to have financial issues. Isabel learned had training in French, the piano and dance. However, after the fifth grade Isabel dropped out of school and became a dancer. That’s when she really took on the name Isabel as her professional name. She danced in the night clubs and theaters in Buenos Aires. In 1956, Isabel was on tour dancing and met her future husband Juan Peron in Panama while he was in exile. In 1961, Juan and Isabel married. While in exile Juan still had power over things that were happening in Argentina. (Cod, Isabel…

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  • Isabel Peron's I M Your Horse In The Night

    This story takes place during a time in history referred to as “The Dirty Wars.” The Dirty Wars took place when Isabel Peron was removed from office and replaced with Lieutenant General Jorge Rafael Videla sometime in the 70’s. just to give a quick synopsis these wars pretty much occurred, because there were certain political rules that Lieutenant General Jorge Rafael Videla set for this country, but of course as with any government there are people who aren’t always in agreeance with this. He…

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  • Eva Peron Research Paper

    eva and juan peron.png Eva Peron was born in May 17,1919 in Los Toldos Argentina and Died July 26,1952 at Buenos Aires Argentina. Eva is the youngest of five children of Juan Duarte and Juana Ibarguren. Her dream was to become an actress and she obtained small parts in motion pictures and on the radio. In 1943 Eva met Colonel Juan Peron a secretary of labor and social welfare in the military goverment born october 8 1895 in Lobos, Argentina and died July 7,1974 at Olivos, Argentina. Eva…

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