Arturo Frondizi

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  • Eva Peron Research Paper

    overthrown by the military in 1955, the ruling class took steps almost immediately to foster the development of democracy, which in reality was a fig leaf for their brutality and greed. Arturo Frondizi was groomed to take over as the first 'democratic' President. In this venture he was backed by a millionaire ex-Communist named Rogelio Frigerio, who defined democracy as "that system where money speaks louder than principles." It was no accident that an ex-Communist would lend his energy and resources to such a project. As a Communist, Frigerio--following the party line--was for the overthrow of Perón. Now as a capitalist, he could have his cake and eat it too. Using funds from Frigerio, Frondizi launched a magazine titled "Qué" that recruited both rightist and leftist talent. All you needed to get a job was a facile pen and hatred for the Perónist legacy. Meanwhile, Frigerio had no trouble making pals with the military, even though his magazine was promoting 'democracy'. Paying heed to Mexico's revolutionary President Alvaro Obregón, who once said, "I do not know of a single general able to resist a cannonade of one million pesos," Frigerio got no less than two hundred generals to serve on the boards of corporations he either influenced, owned or controlled. Once Frondizi was elected, he gave the oligarchy tax concessions and lucrative contracts, all in the interests of the kind of 'development' promoted by the likes of Walt Rostow and Brad DeLong.…

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  • Archbishop Oscar Romero

    (TS) The Archbishop Oscar Romero, of El Salvador, clearly represented persistence throughout his life, which played a significant role in raising awareness of the persecution and censorship in his country and people are facing. (PS) During many of his homilies, Romero often drew attention to the maltreatment and unfairness of his country's people, pleading that justice be brought to all. (SS)Romero would often say during his sermons,“[y]ou cannot find God on those paths of torture and outrage.…

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