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  • Isabel Peron Research Paper

    2016, Dilma was impeached for misuse of state funds to cover up deficits in budget while the 2014 presidential election was going on. Michelle Bachelet was born on September 29, 1951 in Santiago, Chile. Her full name is Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria. Her father served as a general in the Chilean Air Force and her mother was an archaeologist. Michelle was raised in wealth until her father was arrested for opposing the military coup. Her father suffered a heart attack and died in 1974 as a result of being tortured. After that the family’s accounts were frozen and their friends cut all ties. Later they took her and her mother into custody and tortured them. One old family friend helped them get released and they moved to Australia where Michelle’s brother lived. Michelle attended medical school in Berlin where she met her future husband Jorge Dávalos. Jorge was living in exile from Chile as well and later they returned to their native country. Michelle continued her medical studies at the University of Chile. However, after she graduated she was unable to find a job because of her family’s previous history. Michelle finally found a job at a clinic funded by Swedish foreign aid funds (Michelle Bachelet Biography, 2017). Michelle became involved in the Socialist political party and secured herself a position with the Ministry of Health. Michelle climbed the political latter and became a presidential nominee of the Socialist Party. “Her campaign focused on meeting the needs…

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  • The Education System In Chile

    Fast-forward two leaders who followed similar policies but with growing state roles with a goal to eradicate poverty. Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, whose rein ends at the start of the scope for the MDG’s (in the year 2000) who left Chile with average inflation of 5.7%, unemployment of 7.7%, rise in real wages to 128% and reducing poverty to 20.2% of the population. The next president of Chile was Richard Lagos Escobar who reigned from 2000 to 2006 who sought to expand the country’s social programs.…

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  • Chile: A Perfect Dictatorship

    Is perfection an imaginary ideal, or does it really exist? In many cases, perfection is perceptive; it depends on how one discerns the idea of it. Some may argue that perfection is nonexistent, all things will eventually fall short of its goals, and that nothing is without flaws. On the contrary, some may argue that perfection is a scarce form of existence that only few entities attain. In the case of Chile, perfection existed in one of the most unexpected forms; Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship.…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Substance Abuse

    Michelle articulated clearly with her answers and provided thorough information. She presented as a very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner, who has done a lot of speaking about her profession. Our body language was very open as we sat across from each other. We could meet and keep eye-contact as I exhibited I was inviting and actively listening. I felt our body language was very indicative of the SOLER acronym. After talking about self-care, I felt the interview winding down and took…

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  • John Locke In The Time Of Butterflies

    Three sisters, Minerva, Patria, and Maria began a revolution against the powerful Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. In the book In the Time of Butterflies by Julia Alvarez, three sisters become revolutionaries during the brutal regime of Trujillo in the mid 20th century to obtain freedom for the country. This correlates with the French revolution because the revolutionaries want to gain their freedom from the opposing tyranny. Social change happens when the people are triggered by a catalyst…

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  • Hunger Free Kids Act Research Paper

    With the help of her husband, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama created and passed the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act. The Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act was put in place by the Obama’s to regulate the amount of salt, sugar, fat in different types of food that the schools on their program feeds the students. Today this is known as the national school lunch program. The national school lunch program supplies the food and regulates what the schools serve the students. The HHFKA…

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  • Native American Education System

    at higher rates than any other racial group in the country — with a resulting level of post-traumatic stress disorder equal to military veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.” (-----). The stress and anxiety that these students endure due to problems at home, inadequate amount of resources and thousands of distractions cause the last thing on their mind to be gaining an education. Particularly, if their family lifestyle does not value learning or does not encourages them to read or do…

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  • Summary Of Michelle Obama's Commencement Speech

    In 2013, at Bowie State University Michelle Obama made an extremely motivational commencement speech to the graduating class. Obama’s speech was incredibly powerful and heartfelt. She talked about the possible struggles and tough times that individuals went through to become educated, the history of the school, history of how African-Americans couldn’t become educated and several other topics. However, topic in particular stood out, and it was that countless young adults just don’t care about…

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  • Unhealthy Lunches Research Paper

    Evan Pedneault Mr. Balda Period 3 English 10 L1 2/19/17 Government Cutting Down on Unhealthy Lunches According to the researchers and professionals at the Centers for Disease and Control, “...more than a third of U.S. children ages 2-19 are overweight or obese (as of 2011)” (“Childhood”). This percent includes children from both public and private schools, and can be found regardless of sex, family income, or location. The previous First Lady of The United States, Michelle Obama, took steps…

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  • Yo Gotti's Impact On American Culture

    Introduction For this assignment, I have chosen to write about two people who have both influenced American culture and positively impacted me as an individual. I chose two people that are complete opposites, but are actually pretty important to me. The male I chose to talk about was Yo Gotti and the female I chose was Michelle Obama. Birthplace and Family Yo Gotti, born Mario Mims, is an American rapper. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee on May 19th, 1981. He grew up in…

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