Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

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  • Joseph's Time: The Life Story Of Joseph In The Bible

    Throughout Joseph’s lifetime, it is plain to see that he was a godly man. He is very well known for his coat of many colors, but his life story goes deeper than just a colorful piece of fabric. Joseph is one character in the Bible who shows strong faith and obedience in times of despair. He is a genuine example of how Christians today should go about confronting their personal trials. The story of Joseph and his coat of many colors has little to do with his coat over the course of his entire life, but more to do with the trials that he suffered through and his committed, unwavering faith towards God in which he was ultimately, handsomely rewarded for. Joseph’s long journey all starts with his brothers. They resented him more than anyone else because he was the most favored by their father Jacob. His father even had an expensive coat made just for him. The bitterness grew even deeper with each of them after Joseph had told them that God had given him a dream; Joseph’s whole family was to bow down to him. This infuriated his brothers. The first trial in which Joseph’s faith is tested was getting sold into slavery. One day the brothers seemed to snap; they were out in the fields when merchants, who had been heading for Egypt, came across…

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  • Godspell Analysis

    gospel. After the new composition, the show made its off-Broadway debut in 1971. The show has had many other productions, including London in 1971, Toronto in 1972, South Africa in 1973, on Broadway in 1976 and 2011, and off Broadway in 1988 and 2000. The stage production was also adapted for the cinematic universe in the 1973 movie. It has since become one of the most well known musicals in the past fifty years. Before it became the well-known rock opera it is today, Jesus Christ…

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  • Musical Theater Analysis

    Even though there have been a few numbers of local production established, such as Laskar Pelangi The Musical, Musikal Sekolahan, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, most of them are not exposed nation-wide and not fully funded, most of the musical theatre community in Jakarta are non-profit organisations, which result in very little amount of audience and the inability to perform with maximum potential. Each person has their own unique interest in art, in a way musical theatre has its…

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  • Analysis Of The Musical Rent

    the electric guitar, but styles start to drastically change as the show persists. The first example of ‘play’ within the sub-genre, is seen in “Today 4 U”, an up-beat techno dance number performed by the lovable drag queen, Angel. This change in genre isn’t executed to send the story in a new direction, but is applied rather to underscore the essence of the scene and the character who’s performing within it. This is seen further in “Ill Cover You”, a love duet between Angel and Collins which…

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