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  • Counterculture In The 1960s

    Woodstock The 1960’s marked a huge turning point in American history. Music continued to become more and more influential in everyday life. By the mid 1960’s, young Americans began to feel progressively more frustrated by the society they were being brought up in. The youth had to witness women be suppressed and discredited strictly based on gender. Many women revolted against the traditional housewife position that men felt the need to impose on their wives. The youth had to watch colored men…

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  • Research Paper On The Woodstock Festival

    Woodstock Festival The Woodstock Festival begun as a small local fun time event that exploded into a 3 day rock and roll phenomenon. For some this event was a decent way to get out of the house, but for most this was a way for them to forget about the Vietnam war. The Woodstock Festival a time for America to let loose and forget about every care in the world. A weekend full of 32 rock bands, 400,000 people, drugs, and a bunch of alcohol, the world actually forgot about their pitiful little…

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  • Joplin Tornado Research Paper

    THE JOPLIN TORNADO The joplin tornado was one of the most destructive tornadoes in all of history. It was a wall of wind that destroyed anything in its destroyed most of joplin. These tornadoes are so dangerous at joplin there were 158 dead and 1000 injured people after the attack. The effects on the people who survived through it are they could have been injured badly and had to go to the emergency room and pay thousands of dollars for surgery or plastic surgery or whatever you need.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Coachella And The Hangout

    Coachella and The Hangout festival are two of the most popular music festivals in the United States. The two festivals happen annually in the spring and the immense crowds they draw out are from all over the world. The two festivals have their variances, but overall, they are more similar than one may realize. Despite the two festivals being held in different months and several states apart they remain alike in quite a few ways. Coachella and The Hangout do have some minor variations and this…

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  • The Dark Essay: Sleeping Alone In The Dark

    Ever since I can remember I have always been afraid of the dark, especially sleeping alone in the dark. Although it may sound silly because of my age, it is very much true. It is not the darkness that scares me so much, it is being in a room alone, in the dark, with open doors. Whether it is my bathroom door, closet door, or room door, they all have to be shut tightly and my main room door must be locked. I also have to sleep against the wall so I know nothing can creep up behind me. In a sense…

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  • Scott Joplin Maple Leaf Rag Analysis

    At the turn of the twentieth century, jazz was still in its early phases. While there are many musicians that are credited with making jazz into what it is today, one of the earliest attributors was the “King of Ragtime,” Scott Joplin. Joplin earned his title due to his success—despite racial barriers—in developing the sub-genre of ragtime in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Joplin’s sound and style created a crucial link in the history of jazz and laid the foundations for…

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  • Maple Leaf Rug (Scott Joplin): Song Analysis

    1. Song Title: Maple Leaf Rug (Scott Joplin) Group: Large piano with only one male singer in alone room. Description: It seems that the singer in his right hand was using the piano and in his left hand was the sound of the trombone. I believe the song has a known style. 2. Song Title: Maple Leaf Rug (Jelly Roll Morton) Group: Large piano with only one male singer and also with the long plant of leaf. Description: The singer seems that he was mad and the song was fast. It was clear that in the…

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  • The Role Of Ragtime In American Popular Music

    classical music. However, ragtime is an indispensable musical style in the formation of jazz. King of ragtime Scott Joplin was a black composer whose name and ragtime had been forgotten for some time. In the movie The Sting, Scott Joplin’s ragtime The Entertainer was picked as the theme song, and Joplin’s ragtime came to light again. The life of a representative composer of ragtime Scott Joplin shows how he played a significant role in the development of ragtime. Furthermore, by analyzing the…

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  • Music In The 1900s Essay

    Folk rock is nothing like psychedelic and acid rock because folk rock is a combination of folk music and rock music that arose in the United States around the 1960s. Psychedelic, Acid, and folk rock are all sub genre of the genre of rock. Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, The Beatles, Country Joe and the Fish, and Jimi Hendrix have in common is that they are all icon in the rock and blues genre. Each of these artists faced many issues that they had to overcome in the career. Many of the…

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  • Tornado Case Study Of Tornado

    On Sunday May 22, 2011 Joplin, Missouri experienced a tornado that was measured on the Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF Scale) to be measured at an EF-5. This classification according to Smith, Perotin, and Walsh (2012), indicates that the tornado contained wind speeds greater than 200 miles per hour. The tornado and path of destruction as described by Paul, Stimers, and Caldas (2014), was multi-vortex, nearly a mile wide, measured a path of at least six-miles in length as it traveled across the…

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