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  • Langston Hughes 'The Weary Blue'

    Langston Hughes’s faced many challenges growing up moving nine times before settling with his grandmother in Joplin, Missouri. Growing up he had two goals to go to college and become a writer, which he accomplished. However, Hughes also became an advocate for black lives traveling the world, and gaining new influences. Hughes work’s topic varied from everyday struggles, slavery, to major black historic events. Langston Hughes, an instrumental figure in the Harlem Renaissance, gave other races…

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  • Comparing Langston Hughes Life And Work

    Langston Hughes was born on February 1, 1902, in Joplin, Missouri. His parents James Hughes and Carrie Langston separated after he was born and his father moved to Mexico. Hughes was raised primarily by his maternal grandmother because his own mother was being a drifter. Then his grandmother died in his teens, then he moved in with his mom. They eventually settled in Cleveland. Hughes began to write poetry after being introduced to poets Carl Sandburg and Walt Whitman. After high school he…

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  • Observation Of ESL Student Learning

    strategies teachers can use in order to facilitate ESL student learning. In Joplin, Mo many of the schools have been rebuilt due to one of the largest tornados in recorded history destroying much of the town. This brought about a huge change in the Joplin’s education system as funds poured into rebuilding the schools bigger and better than they were before. However, these funds did not just go into construction. The schools in Joplin put a lot of resources into instructional tools; which as it…

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  • How Are Children Affected By Electronic Devices In Schools

    Has the use of electronic devices and the Internet changed the way children educate themselves for the better? Using electronic devices and the Internet has better educated and changed the way children learn for the better. Google and other online search engines have made getting information as easy as typing in your question or something you 're unclear upon and pressing “Search”. If children need help after school they can easily look up information instead of asking for help and can…

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  • Unwind Book Report

    Imagine living in a world where abortion was illegal until the age of thirteen. In the book, Unwind by Neal Shusterman, this imaginary scenario turns into a real issue for teens in America. If you were a disobedient kid or an extra expense, then your parents/caretakers could get rid of you by just signing a form to have you unwound. Unwinding is a three hour long procedure where each part of a teenager’s body is taken out to use for someone else who needs it. Unwind is set in the far future in…

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  • Rock N Roll Music Influence On American Culture

    Rock n’ Roll music has had a major influence on the American culture and it has been an influence to other genres of music. The music has helped bands and the people after WWII and the Vietnam War, it has also changed America entirely. The way that Rock n’ Roll music had an impact on America was that it started a trend. It made people express themselves better by changing the way they dressed, the dance styles, or the way that they acted or what they did that made them stand out in the crowd.…

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  • Analysis Of W. C. Handy's Memphis Blues

    What exactly is jazz? According to Virgil Thomson, the American critic and composer, “Jazz, in brief, is a compound of (a) the fox-trot rhythm, and (b) a syncopated melody over this rhythm” [1]. An understanding of the elements of jazz allows the listeners to further appreciate the very art that has defined American culture for generations. Critical to the development of jazz are African and European music, brought by the foreigners who sought a better life in the New World and who were sold to…

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  • How To Write A Tornado Essay

    Thousands of tornadoes have ripped through the United States over recent history. The EF5 tornado that occurred in Joplin, Missouri happens to be the most expensive tornado on record. Tornadoes occur during some severe thunderstorms; winds spiral horizontally, then turn vertically, a funnel cloud forms which ends up reaching the ground, which is the tornado. Some tornadoes can be minor while others can cause dozens of deaths and millions, if not billions, of dollars in damage. Winds can reach…

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  • The Analysis Of Langston Hughes Theme For English B

    been numerous poets that have graced the Earth with their talents, providing humans with some of the simplest words; however, those simple words could have a deeper meaning than that of the ocean. One of these poets, Langston B. Hughes, was born in Joplin, Missouri. As an African-American, he faced many hardships in furthering his learning. While studying in New York during the Harlem Renaissance, he was inspired to write poetry. He had many works of poetry, “Theme for English B” being a product…

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  • 'Symbolism In Neal Shusterman's Unwind'

    setting, point of view, characters, theme and symbolism to depict that every life is important no matter the age. The setting of the book Unwind takes place in the future after the second Civil War. The different places in the book include Akrin, Ohio, Joplin, Missouri and the deserts of Arizona. “The second civil war, also known as “The Heartland War ,” was a long and bloody conflict fought over a single issue” (Shusterman). Shusterman uses this setting to show the reader that this is how…

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