Music In The 1900s Essay

During the 1900s there were various issues uprising in some countries due to violent wars, strive for equality, politics, and culture diffusion. All these issues made a huge impact on the evolution of the 1900s that cause numerous countries to want their independence. Independence meant freedom to the country to express and practice their own form of entertainment and beliefs. Although, many country had different traditional believe they all has a connect with the concept of music. Through music artists could express a person 's everyday struggles, emotion, and point of view. Majority of countries has their own style of music that made influences throughout the whole world.

Music has existences for many of years but, nobody truly knows
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Country Joe and The Fish were from California. The rock that they played was Psychedelic, Acid, and Folk rock. Notice that the rock band The Beatles played rock music as well in the 1960s but, 5 years later Country Joe and The Fish began and the style of rock genre change. Although many can that The Beatles played folk rock because it was uptempo but no like acid rock nor psychedelic rock. Rock as well as blues genre took a turn and multiple sub genre were created.

Psychedelic rock is a form of rock music that enhance the psychedelic experiences of the used of drug. Acid rocks is a sub genre of psychedelic rock. Acid rock is a much more heavier, louder, and harder beat. Folk rock is nothing like psychedelic and acid rock because folk rock is a combination of folk music and rock music that arose in the United States around the 1960s. Psychedelic, Acid, and folk rock are all sub genre of the genre of rock.

Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, The Beatles, Country Joe and the Fish, and Jimi Hendrix have in common is that they are all icon in the rock and blues genre. Each of these artists faced many issues that they had to overcome in the career. Many of the issues were external such like wars and movements that were going on at the time. Although, all these artist were from different parts of the world but they are all product of the evolution of blues into

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