Jansis Joplin Influence

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During the 1900s there were various issues uprising in some countries due to violent wars, strive for equality, politics, and culture diffusion. All these issues made a huge impact on the evolution of the 1900s that cause numerous countries to want their independence. Independence meant freedom to the country to express and practice their own form of entertainment and beliefs. Although, many country had different traditional believe they all has a connect with the concept of music. Through music artists could express a person 's everyday struggles, emotion, and point of view. Majority of countries has their own style of music that made influences throughout the whole world.

Music has existences for many of years but, nobody truly knows
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Joplin died at the age of 27 due an overdose but, even that did not stop her from having her song played all over. Janis Joplin was an icon to many women in the 1960 because she was a white blues female singer that sang about women empowerment. Many people criticize her because in the 1960s blues was dominated by white and black male singers. Janis Joplin change the blues music industry because she sang her heart out and she was not going to let anybody stop her from doing what she wanted to do which was sing. Joplin had such a powerful and amazing voice that you would just get lost in her song. She had a certain feel to her song that you could connect with the ideas of her songs right away. Piece of my heart was her number one song of all times. When you listen to the words of the song it makes you feel in control of your own emotion and makes you second guess if it’s worth it to cry after a breakup. There were many other songs by Joplin that had many subliminal message that you are in control of your own life and that you do not need a men to be happy. Even though Janis Joplin was not the first female singer in the 1960s but, she sure did have an impact on blues just like B.B. …show more content…
King follow other artists that also was used by the music industry to show interracial of the blues music. His name was Eric Clapton. Eric Clapton was known for his famous song Layla which was his number one hit single. Layla became the center for his album. Just like Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton had a drug problem. I mean almost every artists of that time was using drugs because drug and alcohol were a huge part of the American culture. Drinking and doing drugs were not seen as a crime at this point in time because it was a norm to many. But, Clapton with his drug problem still manage to record Layla which I believe was the name of the his best friend that he loved. If you listen to the song you can tell the pain in the way he plays the guitar. The sounds that the guitar makes and the rhyme of the song is like a mellow that makes you feel overwhelmed with sadness and pain. Layla not only is the song more rhythm than singing but, it does not seem to matter because you can really feel his

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