The Influence Of Jazz In The 1920's

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Jazz Age
The Jazz genre has blossomed during the 1920s that has carried an impact to modern day. When the Great Migration happened, many African Americans had migrated from the South into the Northern and Western area. The known and pronoun white area had become a diverse community. The movement was followed by the Harlem Renaissance; also created because of their culture and artistic abilities such as painting, writing, music, and more. The harlem Renaissance was was the soul of the migrated African American’s heart. One of the branches apart if it was the Jazz Age. Artists such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, and Billie Holiday were major musicians in the Jazz Age and in the Renaissance. Many of their work had been influential into modern day. The Jazz Age was a time for innovation in the 1920s that had led into modern day, some pieces were impactful, masterful, and some were a huge influence into the degrading in the women's society.
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Bessie Smith had encouraged feminism, equality and gave hope for future female artists such as Queen Latifah, who also was an actress who played as Smith in an HBO show called Bessie, which was about Bessie Smith’s biography. In modern day, the pop culture also has strong female characters that support women and equality like Beyonce. Her and Smith along with Billie Holiday have a lot in common with the messages in their music. In Holiday’s song, You Let Me Down, she includes the racism and sexism going on in her society, “You Made me think that I'm the top, And then you let the ladder drop, You know you let me down (Holiday). The ladder represents society on how she climbed it and led her believe that woman could have a place in a male dominated world but they pulled it from her. However their music might not be the same, the two singer’s ideologies are quite

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