Rebecca's Divorce Case Study

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Rebecca is 30 years old and has been divorced from her husband Jason for a year. Rebecca lost her mother at the age of ten and her father who raised her moved away to find love again. She was socially awkward throughout her childhood years. She had two close friends she would hang out with and that would be only after school. She was always scared to give her ideas because she did not want to be judged by others. She hoped to finish her Bachelors degree and enter in the medical field. Rebecca lives in a large comfortable house in Fresno, CA that she received after her divorce.
It had been love at first sight when Rebecca and Jason met. He is tall, has chocolate brown hair and blue eyes. Rebecca was swept off her feet when Jason asked her
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Rebecca says she has been having trouble focusing at work and hardly wants to be there and will make excuses to leave early. She stated that she is going to lose her house soon because she is not able to support or manage her household as time is going. She says that she is still bickering about her divorce to others and she sees her close friends drifting away from her slowly as well. Rebecca calls her friends to talk to them but her friends don’t hold a conversation with her for too long. Rebecca is not getting enough sleep through the night and is not able to keep her thoughts under control. Rebecca started to become more passive in her responses of how she feels about doing certain tasks that she use to enjoy but not …show more content…
Angelo were not a couple but defiantly had a relationship that both were interested in. Rebecca’s contact during her sessions gradually became more intimate, more sexualized, and highly charged. Dr. Angelo approached Rebecca’s contact with nonchalance and calm control. Dr. Angelo made all the decisions, judging what was okay, what not, where they could touch, where not, for how long, and how often. There seemed to be no reason for concern. Dr. Angelo told Rebecca that he loved her for who she is and trusted her, and that he wanted her to be happy and feel good. Rebecca deserved that, and Dr. Angelo wanted to give it to her.
It took him about six and a half months to progress from simple hugs to sexual intercourse. Because of the way Dr. Angelo gradually introduced more and more contact over time, progressing to the next step never seemed like much of a leap for Rebecca. Rebecca for once let someone else have control of her feelings. She followed Dr. Angelo’s steps to find and feel real love. Rebecca found peace with herself and was once again in

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