Madiba Essay

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Despite and above all
“When a person desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person realize this dream.” Madiba was a poor young man who accepted to support everything in order to take his family out of poverty. It was all about a dream, a dream of a simple child. Madiba considered his life as a challenge to overcome. Sometimes, it’s the fear of failure itself that make a dream impossible to achieve. Madiba couldn’t think about failure even though his situation headed for the rocks. For some reason, Madiba kept in mind the fact that he had to survive, and also he didn’t give up his dream of being an engineer. Despite all, Madiba succeeded primary school and attended high school easier than he had expected. Adjusting to
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Patience, observation, an appreciation for school, contributed to his success. Madiba had worked so well in high school that he skipped one class. He was also so successful that after graduation he received from his school a scholarship to integrate the most prestigious engineering school of his country. He was exultant. All started with a poor young man and ended up to an engineer. Even when the situation was obscure for him, he didn’t give up. Sometimes, he stumbled and almost fell, but he never gave up his dream. When he faced difficulties, he never took his problem out on someone else. He was not a capricious man. He learned from his experience when a situation called for a drastic measure and also when he needed to try something less drastic to solve a problem. Because of his personality, he became a fascinating man. Madiba’s father was astonished by his success. He never thought that Madiba could be an engineer one day. He was happy for him; however, he still had this rueful expression because he recalled that he asked Madiba not to listen to his inside voice. But… it wasn’t all. Would Madiba be able to attend college without any problem? Would Madiba be able to live happily for the rest of his life? There were those things to think

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