Wenger Out: A Short Story

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Did you hear what happened? Did you hear the tail of Jack and his pins? It all started one day Jack went to go buy some milk and other groceries, because they were out. On his way to sell Bess he ran into a man carrying a big white sign that read “Wenger Out” in huge red letters. As he tried to avoid the man, for logical reason, but the man walked up to him “Here you look like you want this. Crack it open and see what inside.” the man said with small laugh and the end. Jack was so scared he dropped his money and ran home. When Jack got home his mother asked him where the groceries were and Jack told her about the man. “There was a man he was big and tall and cared a Wenger out sign.” You could see the look on Jack’s mom’s face. “He started talking to me and I had a feeling something bad was …show more content…
In the locker home there was a ball, jersey, and practice shirt. Jack confidently got on the field with his soccer ball. The practice went great the coaches loved him, but soon came game day. Game day came a young Jack didn’t expect anything. Jack knew other trainers and coaches heard and knew about him, so he got on the pitch ready to play. The game started and Jack got the first pass, all Jack’s teammates had no worries. Jack didn’t know what to do so he went up and attacked. He didn’t do any move and dribbled into the defence. He and lost possession just like that. The game went terrible and after the game he knew why. The ball he thought to himself. He knew he had to confess. He walked up to the LA Galaxy coach and told him everything that had happened. He understood and Jack walked out with suspension for the next 5 games, but not for paracte. Jack never thought the soccer balls would ever do this, but they weren’t safe. Jack went back into this backyard were he had left the three balls after the game and none of them where

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