Descriptive Essay Wedding

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The phone rings at 2 a.m. We get news to immediately catch a plane and travel across the globe to be part of a last minute wedding, not knowing why everything is happening so suddenly. I had just entered my senior year of kindergarten, which felt like a huge transition for me since I had spent my first year of school crying every single day, pretending to be sick, grabbing onto my grandmother 's blouse and not letting go until the teacher would let her stay with me. Now I have to go on my first ever adventure without the assistant of Dora the explorer. Instantly, we get emergency tickets and start to board a weird type of spaceship called an airplane. I remember I forgot to pack something, it was my teddy bear, I left it at home and now it …show more content…
There are complete strangers approaching me, giving me hugs and kisses all over my face, I have no idea who is who but I decide to keep a big smile on my face, which comes to my disadvantage since I have given them the idea of pulling my cheeks like rubber bands. The groom has sat down where he had been instructed a day before when I had been to the groom 's house along with my parents to fix the alliance between him and my aunt, so seeing a tall, thin, fair-skinned man was no surprise to me. In order for the ceremony to begin, it is mandatory for everyone to cover their head, using a head scarf or bandana, this shows respect to God. The first step of performing this ceremony correctly is for the bride 's side to give their future son-in-law their blessings through money. It is a custom to always give the guests a gift, where it is a gold chain or a simple coin. The priest continues to pray for the well being of this couple. Finally, after waiting for so long, it is our turn to get a picture snapped with the groom and throw money in the pink cloth he is carrying, which to me looks like a kangaroo 's pouch. The photographer does not even ask if we are ready, my grandmother is walking towards us but the photographer snaps the picture and signals for us to move to the side. My dad whose standing to my right and my mom whose standing to my left are both confused, my mom is still holding the money in her hand, she did not have a minute to give the groom his gift. My soon to be uncle did not get a chance to look up and smile for the picture instead he is looking at the ground as if he is being forced to sit here. Everyone looks so disoriented in this picture except for me, whose the most excited to have a new member enter the family. The truth is, everybody was delighted about this marriage. It was a love marriage meaning both families

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