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  • Amy Dickinson Spoiling Our Kids Analysis

    In the article “Spoiling our kids” by Amy Dickinson it talks about her own life story and what she has learned from it. The article is mainly about how kids parents spoil them and give them whatever they want whenever they want. This does not help them when the kids become older and want more things in life. It says that kids should value the present because it is a present and not because of what it was worth. It also says how we should teach our kids patience and not give them things right when they ask for it. It also talks about wealthy parents who would actually hire a pitching coach for their kid instead of helping them out. Mainly it talks about how kids are spoiled and how that needs to stop because it isn 't helping anyone. Parenting is something that people want to get into because they want to have a family and make memories. Some major qualities that parents need include patience, they also need to be understanding and lastly they need to be able to be a good role model for the children. These qualities will help kids grow to be great parents of their own children when the time comes. To be a good parent there has to be patience. Patience is key to a good life for the children and the parents. Afterall without patience nothing would be done completely and accurately. Things take time they aren’t just appearing left and right. Take some time and have patience when listening to the children and don 't interrupt them. From my own experience with my parents I have…

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  • Tennessee Williams 'A Streetcar Named Desire'

    In 1971, Elia Kazan told Movie magazine regarding the process of adapting Tennessee Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire, that: “I took the script of the play, and I just made the play. And that’s all I did.” Discuss whether the adaptation was as simple as Kazan makes it seem through a careful analysis of both the play and film of A Streetcar Named Desire. Adapting a text to film is a difficult task for any screenwriter. There are many challenges that must be overcome, including limitations…

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  • Tennessee Williams: A Southern Playwright

    Elia Kazan and quickly signed on to become the director of the play and the film adaptation hiring an almost unknown actor Marlon Brando in the role of Stanley Kowalski. The play became a smash hit, and even a Pulitzer prize-winner. This caused the critics and audience to demand more greatness from Williams just under 40 he was America 's most famous playwright he started to feel the weight of it all and started hitting the bottle. He dealt with alcoholism in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, a play about…

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  • Arthur Miller's Circles Of Responsibility Analysis

    Impact of Society in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman examines outside influences on the individual. These influences include society as a whole, the family as a societal unit and beliefs which the individual thinks he should espouse. In order to understand Willy Loman and the struggles with which he is dealing, the society in which he exists must first be understood. He is relying upon a slightly different set of values and motivations than…

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  • The Running Man And The Castle Analysis

    Introduction - This essay discuss The Running Man and The Castle in terms of ‘people who stand up for their values and beliefs’. The Running Man by Stephen King is a book that depicts Ben, the main character as the victim of a large, ruthless company. Forced to survive against the tv shows experienced soldiers and survive to earn money for his dying daughter's treatment. The castle (directed by Rob Stitch and released in 1997) has a similar story, the Kerrigan family is left in a position where…

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  • The American Dream And Success In Death Of A Salesman

    The Full Title: The American Dream and Success in Death of a Salesman Leah McCarvill Post University Abstract The 1966 film “Death of a Salesman” based on the play written by Arthur Miller that tells how the main character Willy Loman who is struggling with the realization that his idea of the American Dream and success along with how this is effecting his relationships with his family. Miller used conflict and dramatic irony in a manner that illustrates how the American dream of success can…

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  • Streetcar Named Desire Movie Vs Play

    While reading the play Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, I fell in love with the story Williams created. I was completely sucked into the story that I fell in love with when I watched the movie directed by Elia Kazan and produced by Charles Feldman. The movie stuck to the script for the most part because Tennessee Williams was also the screenwriter for the movie. The movie starts off with music (directed by Alex North) that gets the audience into the feel of New Orleans in the…

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  • Homosexuality In Tennessee Williams's Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Elia Kazan created a film adaptation in 1958 of Tennessee Williams’s original play titled Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. This film overall offers an expanded role for Big Daddy, and one scene in particular that clearly shows this extended role is the basement scene (interpolated just for the film), that proves to be very incongruent with Williams’s thoughts on the topics of homosexuality, communication, and narcissism seen throughout his play. Homosexuality, a topic evident in…

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  • A Streetcar Named Desire: Film Analysis

    The play A Streetcar Named Desire explores brutality vs. tenderness displayed through the personalities of Stanley Kowalski and Blanche DuBois. Marlon Brando's charismatic portrayal of Stanley Kowalski in Elia Kazan's film version of A Streetcar Named Desire undermines the validity of Blanche's struggle. The contrast between Vivien Leigh's Blanche and Brando's Stanley emphasizes the most negative aspects of Blanche's character while supporting and validating the most positive of Stanley's,…

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  • Who Is Arthur Miller's No Villain?

    Arthur miller was born in the year 1915 in Harlem, New York. His father owned a coat manufacturing business but unfortunately the business didn’t last and lost almost everything in 1929. And because of this he and his family had to move to Flatbush, Brooklyn. He attended the University of Michigan. During his time in college he won the school’s Avery Hopwood Award for his first play, No Villain. After this he moved back East to pursue his career as a playwright. And soon after that he married…

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