The Knights Templar: Poor Knights Of Christ

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The Knights Templar
Marcos M. Espinoza
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The Knights Templar was a member of the poor Knights of Christ. It was a military order founded during crusades that set the beginning of today’s military orders. The Knights Templar was established on purpose. Its main role was to protect Christian pilgrims on their way to the holy land. The Knights Templar grew faster and became wealthier after a short period of time, thus becoming prominent. Their growth did not please their enemies at all, and so they were accused of false actions, such as blasphemy and crusade failures. This order did not go on for a long period of time, because King Philip could not tolerate the Knights Templar. Political and religious groups have
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Some confessed while others refused to. The charges of both groups were different in that case, since those who confessed and reconciled to the church were forced to retire. Reconciliation was sided on either the order’s former houses or which was to the monasteries depending on individual satisfaction. On the other hand, those who either refused to confess or relapsed were put on a serious trial (Sora, 2009). Their life was not easy at all because they were brought before a commission that was established by the people. Some of the leaders of the Knights Templar, including Jacques de Malay were found guilty and tough sentences that deserved death penalty and life imprisonment were imposed as the final judgment. The punishment of the master of the Knight Templars was the toughest of all. Due to his protest and repudiation, he was burned at the stake, as the last victim of the highly unjust and opportunistic persecution this was the beginning of the decline of the famous Knights …show more content…
In the 18th century, certain organizations, most notably the Freemasons, revived some of the medieval Knights’ symbols and traditions (Upton-Ward, 2007). It has not taken long since there was news that the Knights Templar group was responsible for the terrorist attacks in Norway, another story is told concerning a drug caterer whose origin is Mexico, and claimed to be a member of the Knights Templars, making some people to wonder if the Templars actually ceased to exist or they became a secret society.
To synopsize, the pursuit to understand and terminate the Knights Templars has attained average success. Though this group is known for dangerous acts, there has been a struggle between political and religious groups on handling this matter. It has remained to be a Mistry to everybody who heard of this story concerning the knight’s Templar. Many have questions in their minds, like the reason as to why the pope clementine did not stop the massacre. There is just but blurred visions concerning the group’s final

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