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  • Assassin's Creed

    sword fights enemies would get stuck in walls/buildings. During free-run Edward would not follow commands and end up climbing something you didn 't tell him to, or jumping the wrong way, silly thing 's like this can mess up some of your mission 's especially when you are trying to stealth a mission. For some people these minor flaws maybe annoying but for everyone else who can look past these minor issues then the game has very consistent, fluid and solid graphics. For myself, I just laughed and took screenshots every time a silly error happened. The environments range from busy shipping towns, fortresses to the jungle, coves and mini paradise islands you can even search underwater shipwrecks later in the game (more on this below). The gameplay on land is very similar to other Assassin 's Creed 's, you can run, jump and climb almost anything parkour style (they call it free-run). Then you have the best bit, which is on the sea in your ship called The Jackdaw. The game focuses on a mixture of stealth and combat to get you through your mission objectives. To make things easier they have a system called eagle vision, when activated it marks enemies in red and your objectives in yellow (this system helps but doesn 't work as well as it does in other open world games). When you are using stealth you can hide in bushes/foliage and cubby holes, then whistle to attract an enemies attention to yourself (you will have to whistle many times as the AI seem to be a bit dumb and don 't…

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  • Video Game Problem Description

    I would also alter how fast the levels changed. Because that is what people have suggested after they gave my game a trial. Genre Video-game genres are used to organize video-games based on their gameplay interaction rather than visual or narrative differences. The genre of my video game is classic arcade. This type of game genre is a fast-paced action game (for PC or console), requiring hand-eye coordination skill to play. The reason I have made it this way is because teenagers like to play a…

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  • Video Games And Gender Stereotypes

    These days, video games are a very popular form of entertainment for all ages. This type of entertainment can have negative effects on both sexes and all ages. With toddlers becoming more and more tech savvy, tablets and smart phones make the video games even easier for younger consumers to get their hands on. Video games can teach young children about violence, abuse, shooting or injuring innocent people and disrespecting police officers. This form of entertainment along with many others can…

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  • Similarities Between The Holocaust And Ready Player One

    The Holocaust vs Ready Player One In the book Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, there were many themes and social concerns by the author, but the main point of the book was about a dystopian society and a world of the future. It was the world of a videogame called OASIS. OASIS was a video game that was much like a virtual reality game today, people could learn on it like school and they could play fun games on it like Pac Man. Many people used it as a way to escape the horrible reality of…

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  • The Effects Of Video Games On Society

    Daphne Bavelier strongly suggest in most moderation that gaming is more beneficial then more thought of. Video Games is a widely known source of multimedia entertainment. It 's impact on the general population of society on the other hand is questioned time to time by various researchers and also concerned parents. This essay is based on Tedtalks discussion and Daphne Bavelier 's review on the influence & effects on constant video game users & society. The use of multimedia in education has…

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  • Do Video Games Affect The Brain Essay

    Do video games affect the brain Over the years there has been many debates which have lasted for over 30 years over one topic and that one topic is are video games good for the brain. People might think that these video games are addiction, increased aggression, and various health consequences such as obesity and repetitive strain injuries but this what media tells the viewer that their child or anyone is in harm because they don't really like showing the positives of such topic. The…

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  • Lightning Wild Essay

    it is more or less flat across the board. The backdrop appears to be a neon light of some description weaving through the night sky, but where it doesn’t appear to be reminiscent of lightning, we aren’t quite sure of its point. The theme of this game is drab at the best of the times, with the symbols used certainly not helping matters. While we understand that this is a game with “classic” intentions, the lack of imagination is pretty clear. Lemons, stars, watermelons, oranges, and more are…

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  • Becoming A Game Designer Essay

    Do you ever play video games and wish you could be in it? There is a way to being a game designer. When you are a game designer you can create your characters. That’s not all you have to do. You need also need to create a storyline, methods to win or lose the game, maps, and audio for the characters. This is an awesome career that requires education, skills, and duties and allows a person to become independent. Having an education is the main part of becoming a video gaming designer. You need…

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  • Digital Media's Negative Effects On Childhood Education

    Now children from all ages are spending hours every day playing video games, and parents are still struggling to figure out why kids are spending so much time on it. Some one that never played a video games is going to sound like a waste of time sitting there for hours, but for others gamers is the only way to get entertainment because player become a part of the game. Many children are getting in their full development and wants to belong or feel that relate to something important and video…

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  • Intergenerational Play

    Discussion of the Weaknesses of the Reviewed Literature In this literature review, several studies on intergenerational game play were discussed in order to understand the nature of intergenerational play in games, with a focus on digital games, and the impact of playing games on negative attitudes of both the young and the elderly towards each other. We started with the studies exploring the characteristics of intergenerational interaction in gameplay and then went on to focus on research…

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