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  • Supersonic Research Paper

    Flying a supersonic jet was expensive and so was flying on supersonic jet. The Boeing 747 is a subsonic commercial airliner can hold over three times as many people as the Concorde and takes the same amount of fuel. This means that although the Concorde will arrive quicker than the Boeing 747 it is not cost effective because of the number of people being transported by the other aircraft. The average cost for a flight right now is $379, a flight of a Concorde from London to New York in 2003 cost $4612. This seems like an extremely high price and it is but it was a luxury people were willing to pay for. The industry actually showed a growth in profits. During it’s 28 years of use, the cost of the Concorde to maintain and fuel was one billion Euros and made a profit of 1.75 billion Euros. This means that the jet, while there were downsides to it’s fuel efficiency and passenger capacity, was an economically viable venture. Therefore, this cannot be the cause of the disappearance of supersonic travel over the last 40 years, if there is money to be made somebody is surely going to find a way to make it work. The supersonic industry was making almost double what they were putting in. Imagine a billion dollars it is an unimaginable about no one can picture in their mind how much that is. The Concorde was not making a billion dollars, it was making more than that, as it is stated earlier in the paper the jet which was ran by European companies was making…

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  • Airbus A380 Research Paper

    Airplanes: Airbus A380 The Airplanes have always been an amazing sight to behold, even to think of the engineering in an aircraft is unbelievable. The science that goes into a modern aircraft is just amazing. Despite having supersonic fighter jets, or rumored futuristic Hypersonic jets that travel at speeds of Mach 11 (Black Project), they have very humble beginnings. Before the Wright brothers had their success in North Carolina (United States) people were already dreaming of flying through…

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  • Lufthansa Vs Ryanair Analysis

    Introduction In Europe, Lufthansa and Ryanair are one of the key players in the aviation industry accounting for a total of almost 260 million passengers for 2017. However, the big question is why passengers chose either Lufthansa or Ryanair and what product offerings each airline serves. This research paper will focus on the five key product features discussed by Doganis in order to analyze and conclude how these two airlines differentiate their services. Methodology For the comparison…

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  • Structural Design Methods: Airbus A380)

    Structural Design Methods The design methods of the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner are quite different. The Airbus A380 has a GP 7200 engine with four turbo fan layout whereas the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has a Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine with a twin turbo layout. The Airbus has a total length of 72.72 meters and the Boeing has a length of 56.7 meters. The internal cabin width of the Airbus is 6.54 meters and the Boeing is 5.5 meters. The wingspan of the Airbus is 79.75 meters and the…

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  • Airbus Merger Essay

    Helicopters order book stood at 893 helicopters. Airbus Defence and Space In 2014, Airbus Military, Astrium and Cassidian have been merged into one new division, Airbus Defence and Space. This new merger creates significant synergies in the group’s operations as well as a better focus on the research and development efforts. Today, Airbus Defence and Space is Europe’s number one defence and space enterprise, the second largest space business worldwide and among the top ten global defence…

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  • Circadian Clock Essay

    The Circadian clock which is the 24h day and night cycle is having an effect on the psychological activity of all organisms. These processes involve activities such as the wave pattern of the brain, melatonin, and other biological aspects. Melatonin is a hormone in the brain that helps our body to control the sleep and wake cycles. A small portion of it can be found in some certain food such as meat and fruits. Our internal “clock” in our bodies that controls the sleep and wake cycles can also…

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  • Aircraft Propulsion Essay

    Then I planned an outline of the paper. 5. Wrote the first draft. 6. Then finally edited and prepared the final paper. AIR PROPULSION An aircraft propulsion system consists of an aircraft engine and propellers or propulsive nozzle for producing thrust. An aircraft propulsion system must achieve two things. First, the system should be able to produce enough thrust that it must be equivalent to the drag on cruising airplane. Secondly its thrust should be able…

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  • Martial Arts Influence

    makers. They noticed the beauty of Shaolin and the skill required to perform it. Soon, directors began to script movies with this type of martial arts in their films. Shaolin had a huge impact on the genre of martial arts films. Chinese opera consisted of elaborate and graceful moves, which made moviemakers decided to input some of these moves into their movies. Shaolin was one of the first forms of martial arts and was similar to the acrobatic moves in Chinese opera; therefore, filmmakers…

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  • Personal Narrative: Broken Leg

    vacation. My brother,Alex, and me were on the dock checking on the fishing poles they had set out. We reeled all the poles in because we were getting ready to go jet skiing. There was nothing on the poles. We went back up to the condo that we were staying in and changed into our swimming trunks.We waited about a half an hour for our parents to get ready. While we waited we watched golf. It was probably the most boring half hour of my life.…

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  • Circadian Desynchrony

    The human circadian rhythm is a vital part of a person’s internal clock system. “Circadian desynchrony, is a sleep disorder where there is a mismatch with the body’s natural circadian rhythm and external environment.” (Choy & Salbu, 2011) This argues the fact that by switching time zones and environments that the body is not accustomed to will lead to irregular sleep cycles. Specifically when the body is moved across over two time zones it will lead to the perceived symptoms of jet lag (Choy &…

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