Circadian Clock Essay

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The Circadian clock which is the 24h day and night cycle is having an effect on the psychological activity of all organisms. These processes involve activities such as the wave pattern of the brain, melatonin, and other biological aspects. Melatonin is a hormone in the brain that helps our body to control the sleep and wake cycles. A small portion of it can be found in some certain food such as meat and fruits. Our internal “clock” in our bodies that controls the sleep and wake cycles can also control the amount of melatonin our bodies makes. During late evening and night the melatonin remains high until morning when it starts to drop again. However, light affects how much of this hormone our body is producing. Which can interfere with our …show more content…
For the past hundred years we have been lighting up the darkness of cities to a bright “beautiful” night view. The impact of the light on the natural world has not been completely unnoticed. There has been observation from experiments that show different animals’ behavior pattern, and how it changes the way they find food, communicate, and select mates. One of the most famous examples of this behavioral change is when newly hatched sea turtles become distracted and disoriented by the brightness of the city lights, which makes it difficult for them to find the ocean. It’s not only in the sea turtles that this behavior have been detected, other species such as birds, insects, mammals, and other reptiles has also been observed to exhibit behavioral change due to light pollution.The way these animals are responding to the light is not the same. Some animals, for example, are using the light to hunt their prey. Other animals like snakes are hunting during the darkness so they can stay away from other predators. Unfortunately, some cities with a very bright artificial lightning never allow darkness to really fall. This could disturb the ecological system of the nature. From the use of the moon and stars Nocturnal birds are navigating their way through the darkness, but when they fly in a bright artificial lighted city, they’re getting distracted and losing their navigation, which

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