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  • Circadian Clock Essay

    The Circadian clock which is the 24h day and night cycle is having an effect on the psychological activity of all organisms. These processes involve activities such as the wave pattern of the brain, melatonin, and other biological aspects. Melatonin is a hormone in the brain that helps our body to control the sleep and wake cycles. A small portion of it can be found in some certain food such as meat and fruits. Our internal “clock” in our bodies that controls the sleep and wake cycles can also control the amount of melatonin our bodies makes. During late evening and night the melatonin remains high until morning when it starts to drop again. However, light affects how much of this hormone our body is producing. Which can interfere with our…

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  • Alertness In Schools

    ability to concentrate can increase. Simple as it seems, another method of increasing alertness is simply to keep the room bright with natural sunlight. In a study conducted by Wahnschaffe and Haede, 2 groups of subjects were exposed to different types of lights before they went to sleep. One group was exposed to yellow light, which consists of conventional lamp lights and bathroom lights. The other group was exposed to lights with varying components of lights with blue components, meaning that…

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  • Smartphone Effect Essay

    enter in what they are eating and the app will tell them how many calories, grams of fat, and other information about what they are putting into their body. Although there may be good things there are still major things that impact your health in a negative manner. The main physical and mental health concerns with smartphones is blue light. Blue light is part of the full light spectrum, which means we’re exposed to it by the sun everyday (Business Insider). Although when exposed to this light…

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  • Jet Lag Research Paper

    What is jet lag? When an individual travels from one-time zone to another, it causes them to feel weary and exhausted, this temporary disorder is identified as jet lag, also known as desynchronosis. Our bodies have an internal clock which indicates when we must go to sleep and wake up. This “internal clock” is better known as the, circadian rhythms of the body. Circadian rhythms have an effect on the body temperature, sleep and wakefulness, and various hormonal changes. In order for an…

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  • A Narrative Essay About A Day In High School

    BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I look at my alarm, it’s 7:00AM. I fall out of bed, furiously brushing my teeth, throw some clothes on, and run out the door to catch the bus. This was my routine every morning. Waking up at 6:45 AM, eating breakfast, showering, and then rushing down to the same bus stop, hopefully, to make the 7:42 AM bus. I heavily relied on the bus my freshman and sophomore years of high school. My parents were always preoccupied, getting my younger brother and sister ready for school and…

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  • Too Much Homework Is Bad

    Does your child seem to get a lot of homework? This seems to be a problem affecting many students in our world. Today, many students seem to have so much homework. The effects of too much homework are as follows: disturbance of the life balance of the child, less time for friends, family, and extracurricular activities, and greater amounts of stress. For these reasons, the amount of homework a child receives must be reduced. To begin with, too much homework disturbs the life balance of the…

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  • Melatonin Research Paper

    different kinds of melatonin sleep aid products has given new hope for better sleep conditions for the millions of insomniacs around the world. Melatonin Synthesized from serotonin and produced by the pineal gland, Melatonin is a naturally occurring substance. Melatonin production is highest at night and naturally signals the body that it is time to sleep. In other words, melatonin manages people's perceptions and natural reactions to night and day. People with insomnia naturally lack this…

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  • Double Blind Study Essay

    Several double blind research studies were performed to assess if Melatonin was a good aid in sleep for individuals who suffered from not being able to fall asleep in an adequate amount of time. The studies hoped to improve the quality of life which included a longer sleeping time and ease of being able to go to sleep when tired. Placebos of 1-3 mg where given and chosen as an adequate amount to avoid being too little or too much drug for the patient in comparison to the placebo. Too little of…

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  • Sleep Intervention Research Paper

    An oral supplementation of 2.5mg of melatonin will be given to the melatonin supplementation group at 19:30 eastern time daily for 4 months. The sleep-aid pharmaceuticals intervention group will be instructed with the direction of a physician to consume a sedative-hypnotic drug product called Lunesta, which is regularly used in the general population to reduce the negative effects of sleep disturbance once daily at 19:30 eastern time. Lastly, the exercise group will be supervised by a…

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  • Sleeping Cycle Essay

    Scientists have been fascinated about human sleeping cycle, where the darkness of sunlight triggers a chain of molecular event spreading from our eyes to our pineal gland thus generates a hormone melatonin into the brain. With the melatonin, it alters the electrical rhythm and brings brain to realm of sleep. During this new study, scientists discovered this power sleeping cycle occurred 700 million years ago. Moreover, through this study, the author proposes that our sleeping habits evolved from…

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