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  • Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Case Study

    Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation: Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest men in the world, his net worth alone is $77.7 billion dollars as of July 14, 2016, ranking him number one of the wealthiest people on the planet according to Forbes. This to some, will not come as a big surprise since Gates is both the founder and owner of Microsoft Corporation. However, with great power comes great responsibility to dedicate the wealth you have earned to something that will benefit society. Gates has done just that, along with his wife Melinda Gates they have created a foundation called the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.According to the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation website, there are many focuses within this foundation. Some of these focuses include health, poverty, education, and many others. Not only is there a focus in the United States, but there is also a great focus in Africa, India Europe, and South America. They have divided their efforts into three major divisions: Global Health,…

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  • TED Talk By Bill And Melinda Gates

    conversation with Chris Anderson. Cohesion: In the beginning the couple appeared to have a marvelous flow of ideas. Starting with their trip to Africa , how they thought about helping the poor and establishing their organization to actually implementing it when they started giving examples about their work in different causes They also maintained the flow of ideas when they were talking about the collaboration between them to maintain the organization and a bit of flavor was added when they…

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  • The Giving Pledge By Bill And Melinda Gates And Warren Buffet

    The giving pledge is a project led by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warrant Buffet, whose purpose is to give out of their money and help organizations and people, by donation half of their wealth to charities. These two billionaires asked other billionaires in the United States to do the same thing and donate half of their fortune to a charity of their interest. They are doing this project mainly to help other people and studies about vaccines, but also to show that they do not need all of their…

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  • Bill Gates: School's Scheduling Program

    When Bill Gates went to school he made the school’s scheduling program. He also made the program put a disproportionately large amount of girls in his classes (“Bill Gates”). Bill Gates said he would be a millionaire by age thirty and now he is the richest person in the world. Then Bill Gates was arrested for driving without a license. He then dropped out of college and started Microsoft. Bill Gates had a very intriguing childhood. Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28th,…

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  • Graduation Speech: I Am Bobby Gates

    Hello, I am Bobby Gates, the alter ego of William Henry Gates the third, or better known as Bill Gates. Bill is known to be one of the greatest business men in the world today or in all of history. I have managed several companies, been a huge investor in the world’s economy, and was a CEO- Co founder of the world’s largest PC software company Microsoft. I have also written several novels such as, The Road Ahead, Business at the speed of thought, and 6 pack. I have undoubtedly been very…

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  • How Did Bill Gates Impact Society

    The Great Impact of Bill Gates Bill Gates tremendously changed the lives of American citizens. Bill revolutionized the technology industry by personalizing it and created one of the largest monopolies in U.S. history. Along with this honorable achievement, currently, Bill and his wife, Melinda are extremely involved with charity work and make enormous contributions to philanthropic causes. These are the great contributions that Bill Gates has made to history and he will forever be discussed as…

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  • Bill Gates Impact

    Bill Gates A major figure who is and has made a big impact within the public health and social justice field is Bill Gates. Bill is a Harvard University Drop out who became an American business magnate, philanthropist, investor, and computer programmer. Today his worth is 79.2 billion USD. Organizations that Bill is involved with are Microsoft and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill focuses on what he calls “catalytic philanthropy: investments in innovations that will improve life for…

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  • How Bill Gates Changed The World Essay

    Bill Gates changed the world by his wonderful and useful inventions use in everyday life. Bill Gates made a major impact in this world not just by his inventions but by hard work, being intelligent and being open-minded.He even change the world through technology, business strategy and aggressive business plans, and by charities, He dropped out of college to chase career and so he and his partner/ friend, Paul Allen made the best microsoft in the world. Microsoft changed the world completely.…

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  • No Child Left Behind: Consequences And Effects Of Education Reform

    In Ravitch Chapter 10, we learned about Walton, Annenberg, Ford and Gates. These four, of many, foundations had very good intentions. For example, The Gates Foundation, established in 2000 with a 30 billion dollar grant, wanted to create smaller schools. Bill and Melinda Gates, who really had no idea how to run a school or even knew what students needed in order to thrive, decided to take one school that was going to close and divide it into five schools. There were five buildings that were…

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  • Essay On Educating America Young People

    Educating America’s Young People for the Global Economy “The moment I started reading the Bill Gates article about Educating America young people for the global it caught my attention.” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation strives for all students in the United States to have the opportunity to receive an outstanding education. For generations, education has been the foundation for a better future in the United States. However, today other countries are catching up and are being even more…

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