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  • Melting Points Of Melting Point Experiment

    experiment one, are determining the melting points of different crystalline substances following a specific procedure. By finding the melting point of a crystalline substance, it helps determine what kind of compound it is as well as initiate the purity. A DigiMelt apparatus can be used to determine the melting point where a small amount of the the substance is packed into a capillary tube and heated slowly in the apparatus which includes a thermometer, a heating coil and a magnifying eyepiece for observing the substance. The two temperatures that need to be noted down is the first point at which liquid is formed on the crystalline substance, and second the point at which the crystalline substance turn into a clear liquid. These two…

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  • The Importance Of The Melting Pot

    Our country is influenced heavily on immigration and people migrating from their own countries to gain citizenship in America, and this is why America coined the name the Melting Pot. We are all just a piece of the American puzzle. The Melting Pot helps people feel welcome and wanted in a culture other than their own. Multiculturalism definitely played a part in early America. People who immigrated from other countries to America assimilated to the culture around them. That wasn’t because they…

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  • The Melting Point Of Urea And Trans-Cinnamic Acids

    The melting point of a substance is best described as the temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid (Bruice 2014). On the molecular level, when a compound melts the forces between the molecules become weaker. This is because when a substances heats up the kinetic energy between the molecules increase causing the molecules to vibrate. When the vibrations become strong enough for the molecules to move around and pass other molecules, the compound that is being heated up starts to melt and…

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  • Analysis: The Great Melting Pot

    The United States of America is considered by many “The Great Melting Pot” because of its tradition to welcome people from different places of the world. In contrast to other nations, by the virtue of its fundamental principles, the USA is a country of diverse religions, races, cultures and ethnicities that according to the idea of the melting pot, fuse to form the notion of America. In the poem, The Melting Pot, Israel Zangwill, argues that while Israel is a nation where people from all kinds…

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  • Hot Ice Research Paper

    pedestrians. Icy roads and sidewalks can become very hazardous for travel. A solution must be implemented to mitigate risks associated with winter travel. This problem is relevant to the experiment since I will be testing different methods of melting ice. The solution resulting from the experiment can be used throughout the world to make our roads safer. The literary reviews for this experiment are from two different sources, which both identify problems and potential solutions that relate…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Military Journey

    selected to be a ARPOC or Assistant Recruit Petty Officer in Charge. So I was helping the petty officers run my unit. Also our unit received the Honor Company award. It is an award that shows with unit (there are usually two or more units) Shows the best military bearing. The Sea Cadets are a big part of my life and very important to me. Now more recently I have taken up melting and hammering metal. I will start with the melting of the metal. I saw a video on Youtube, it was of a guy who made a…

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  • Glacial Melting Causes

    Glacial Melting – Cause, Effect, and Solution People and animals around the world need clean water year-round to drink and to use for growing crops and vegetation. Increased glacial melting is one casualty of global warming, which is caused by increased greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, fluorinated gases, and ozone (, 2013;NASA, 2015), which tend to absorb infrared radiation (i.e. heat) that was emitted by the earth’s surface, which would have…

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  • Glacier Melting Effects

    Glaciers are defined as a persistent body of extremely dense ice that forms over millions of years in result of very cold temperatures that occurred on Earth during the Ice Age. The formation of Glaciers results when an abundance of snow exceeds its melting and sublimation point over many centuries. However, the introduction of global warming to the Earth is causing an adverse effect on all glaciers around the world, thus riding the world of the essential necessities glaciers have provided us…

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  • Tartarin Melting Point

    Abstract: The melting point ranges for the substances Tartaric Acid, Acetaminophen, and Phenacetin, which are in powder form and white in color, was found and compared to their literature values to find their purity. The melting point range of a 9:1 mixture of Phenacetin and Tartaric acid was later found to show the effect an impure substance has on temperature. Melting point range for unknown three that was lastly tested was matched to Acetaminophen by comparing their melting points.…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should America Open Its Borders?

    defensible on grounds of abstract has been in various ways highly beneficial to this country’” (O’Neill 66). If people would just look at the country America is today they would see that without the immigrants that have been here all through America’s history, they would not be in the first place as a world power. Immigrants all through history have in a big way benefited America economically. One author asked the question “Where would America be today economically if it…

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