How Did Bill Gates Impact Society

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The Great Impact of Bill Gates
Bill Gates tremendously changed the lives of American citizens. Bill revolutionized the technology industry by personalizing it and created one of the largest monopolies in U.S. history. Along with this honorable achievement, currently, Bill and his wife, Melinda are extremely involved with charity work and make enormous contributions to philanthropic causes. These are the great contributions that Bill Gates has made to history and he will forever be discussed as one of the most influential people of his generation. His impact on history is indisputable and many are unaware of how much he has done that affects our daily lives.
Bill Gates may not have invented the computer, however, he changed the way people thought about them and created innovative software to run on them. This may seem less important than actually inventing the computer, but this cannot be further from the truth. Bill Gates created the largest software company in the world, Microsoft (Cullers 414). Gates first became greatly interested in computers at a very young age and learned simple programing in school (Cullers 414). This was his first taste of the market he would forever shape. At this time, computers were huge and
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Along with his great charity he affects almost everyone’s daily life. Every day we pick up our cellphones and don’t think twice about who brought the personality of technology to its’ prime. Without Bill Gates, modern technology would look much differently today. He revolutionized how software and how people viewed technology. Along with these technological advances he also has helped millions of struggling people with his foundation. Gates has affected so many individuals in his life that his impact on history will never be forgotten. Although he faced adversity he always persevered and tried to innovate anything he was involved

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