How Did John Rockefeller Influence Society

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During the nineteenth century, John Rockefeller was known as one of the world's richest men. Most people stereotype rich people to be cruel and unfair. John was not one to fall into the molds of the stereotype. I believe John Rockefeller changed the world for the better by using his fortune to help people in various ways. Even though John was known for being rich, he started as a poor man and worked his way up in his life.
After being in business for two years his refinery became the largest in this area.(, 2016) It didn't take much to persuade Rockefeller to go full time with the oil business (Biography, 2016). If Rockefeller went full time he would be able to create more ideas for his business.
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Four years later, he succeeds and went out by himself with a business partner (Biography, 2016). The first business he created to deal with hay, grain, meats, and other goods (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2017.) He made a new business with a partner, John Rockefeller got influenced by another man, Andrew Carnegie (History, 2010). Andrew Carnegie influenced him by using his money for good causes (History, 2010).
Rockefeller wanted to help people like Carnegie, who was a person who used his money for good causes (History, 2010). He decided if he made enough money he could help people with existing businesses or help businesses that were just getting started (History,2010). To get that money he would have to find a way to get enormous amounts of money so he could fulfill his dream of helping people with good causes. John D. Rockefeller is mostly known for being one of the world's richest men.(, 2016) He died on May 23, 1937, in Florida. (Biography, 2016)
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John gave money to establish the University of Chicago and a school for medical research, which is now called Rockefeller University (History, 2010). During his life, he gave over five hundred million dollars to one thousand five hundred and thirty million dollars to many causes (Biography, 2016). He might have given more but there isn't an exact record of how much he gave. But we can guess it was probably more. The people did see that when he donated the money for the university, he created, he gave eighty-million dollars more before he died (Biography, 2016). Also, his son created major charities (Encyclopedia Britannica,

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