Persuasive Speech: Attention Getter Of Steve Jobs

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Marcella Gundlach
Persuasive speech outline
Thesis: Steve Jobs is more than a cultural icon. He has improved the lives of others by making important contributions to society. Such as simplifying technology, saving the environment, and by making Apple’s products more efficient for its users.
Attention Getter: Steve Jobs has changed the way people all over the world; communicates, interacts, and entertains. He has even changed the way we think.
Credibility Material: Steve Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak first met, when they were in high school together. And Steve Jobs rejoined the Apple company as CEO in 1997. After he was push out twelve years prior. Since the start of their company they have done many interviews. So much
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Primarily its most effective with companies because they use large amounts of paper. Apple’s products have new revolutionized the way paper is shown. Apple has created products like iPhone, iPod, iPad, and mac computers. But let’s focus on iPad specifically, these iPads allow companies a more paperless way of viewing things. Such as reports or scripts that would have been printed out otherwise. By using advanced technology, we can save paper by viewing files via PDF form. Instead of printing them out we can view the information electronically. By doing so we can save the trees, which will help the environment as a whole. “Two years ago, we learned reading scripts on the iPad, the first good alternative to the printed page for scripts. I would estimate that in the last two weeks alone, we would have printed 10,000 pages of scripts four our production team and actors” (Mulvey, IPads are overall more efficient for companies.
Main point 3: Another way Steve Jobs impacted the world is Apple’s products are more efficient.
Sub point 3: Ever since Apple started creating products, they have had a profound effect on how we do things and hoe fast we can get them done. For example, if you want to receive an email or call you would have to sit at your desk all day. But thanks to integration between different devices and Apple’s products, we no longer need to carry around a camera, MP3 player, or DVD player. Now all you need to carry is an iPhone because all of your other devices are on one iPhone device. You can slip it into your pocket and you’re ready to go. A great way to become socially

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