Lufthansa Vs Ryanair Analysis

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Introduction In Europe, Lufthansa and Ryanair are one of the key players in the aviation industry accounting for a total of almost 260 million passengers for 2017. However, the big question is why passengers chose either Lufthansa or Ryanair and what product offerings each airline serves. This research paper will focus on the five key product features discussed by Doganis in order to analyze and conclude how these two airlines differentiate their services.
For the comparison regarding airline product offering, the two predominant, competing airlines in Europe have been chosen: Lufthansa and Ryanair. While Lufthansa is a full-service network carrier offering different classes and a wide variety of amenities, Ryanair on the other
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Ryanair offers flights from DUB to AGP for about $103 and $300 from FRA, while Lufthansa charges its business passengers about $500 and $645 respectively (Lufthansa, 2018) (Ryanair, 2018). Therefore, Ryanair has a major advantage when it comes to attracting passengers whose main priority is the …show more content…
Low-cost carriers focusing on simplistic service and flying experience will certainly not compete with network carriers in terms of in-flight entertainment or other amenities. This gives Lufthansa certainly a big advantage over Ryanair.
Convenience takes place in many ways, for example, easy booking or seat designation, as well as the ability to change reservations. Changing reservations especially can be a hassle when mistakes were made when booking like a misspelling in the name or the wrong dates or several other reasons. The following figure shows the fees that both airline charge for changes in the reservation. Ryanair Lufthansa
Flight Change fee €35 - €65 €20
Name Change Fee €115 -
Figure 4 Ryanair and Lufthansa

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