Airbus Merger Essay

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Airbus Group (formerly EADS) is one of the world’s leading Aerospace and Defence corporations. Born from the merger, on July 2000, of the French company Aerospatiale Matra, its German competitor DASA and its Spanish pair CASA, the group has managed to develop a strong expertise in a large range of complementary businesses, such as commercial aircraft, military and defence equipment, helicopters, communication systems, missiles, satellites and related services.
Reorganised in January 2014, the group is composed of three divisions: Airbus, Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter), and Airbus Defence and Space (merger of the former EADS divisions Airbus Military, Cassidian and Astrium).
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Order Intake amounted to € 5.5 billion (vs. € 5.7 billion in 2013). Civil contracts accounted for 52% of this order volume, with military sales representing the remaining 48%. At the end of 2014, Airbus Helicopters order book stood at 893 helicopters.

Airbus Defence and Space
In 2014, Airbus Military, Astrium and Cassidian have been merged into one new division, Airbus Defence and Space. This new merger creates significant synergies in the group’s operations as well as a better focus on the research and development efforts. Today, Airbus Defence and Space is Europe’s number one defence and space enterprise, the second largest space business worldwide and among the top ten global defence enterprises.
Airbus Defence and Space is composed of four core business lines: Military Aircraft, Space Systems, Communications, Intelligence & Security (CIS), and Electronics.

Among its flagship products are the transport aircraft A400M, the military jet Eurofighter as well as the Ariane 5 launcher.
In 2014, Airbus Defence and Space recorded total revenues of € 13.0 billion, representing around 21.4 % of the Group’s

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