Very Old Man With Wings Short Story

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In the story of a very old man with wings An old guy basically falls out of the sky and a woman and husband kind of use his wings as a thought that he will be bring them good luck and fortune. The wife and husband tie him up in there chicken coop and charge the townspeople to see this new attraction. I believe the people in the story did not want to believe maybe this could be an angel because then they would have to think about maybe my life is a whole lie and there really are angels and it would totally confuse them.

We normally think of angels as elegant with nice hygine and maybe blonde hair. So the people of the town didn’t want to believe this dirty old guy who they had thought could have been a old norwegian guy with a strong accent
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Pelayo treated the old man as if he was one of his animals. If he was a so called angel why lock him up in chicken goop and treat him as if he was nothing. This shows the cruelty of human beings, payleo and his wife didnt even invite the old man inside after the chicken coop had collapsed. There had only been one person in the whole story who had shown the old guy any respect or kindness and that was the sick kid of payleo and his wife. “Elisenda , her spine all twisted from sweeping up so much marketplace trash,then got the idea of fencing in the yard and charging five cents admission to see the angel “The wife just hated the fact of having an old guy with wings lurking around, it was her decision to lock him up and charge the townspeople to take a gander. once he’s not the hot topic any more she thinks of him as a …show more content…
When the angel first came he was treated as if he was a prized possession although he was still locked up in a cage. The husband and wife had made rapid cash intake and they where able to buy a 2 story house and eslisenda had all the finest clothes and pumps to die for. As the angel was getting a little sick the husband and wife showed no comfort at all. He had to sleep in shed i feel like they completley took advantage of the old man and didnt really care how he felt about things in a way they sort of used him. great story for cihlden cause it shows how some people can have evilness and can take complete control over someone and not care about there feelings.It could show kids to always have a sense of respect for others cause you never know what they could do for

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