Abuse Of Power In Collected Stories By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Collected Stories is written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who is journalist and born in Aracataca, Colombia. In the book, he uses the magic realism , which expresses a primarily realistic view of real world while encompassing a range of subtly different concepts, to emphasize his usual theme, such as irony, social class, etc. Among his theme, Marquez explores human corruption and the abuse of power by using theme of social class, religion, and politics.
Marquez uses social class to emphasize the human corruption and the abuse of power into his stories. In the “Balthazar’s Marvelous Afternoon,” Balthazar is the artist who makes the cage, and he has a wife, who is greedy. One day, Balthazar gets ordered that making a cage, and she asks “ How
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In the “ Tuesday Siesta,” when the woman and the girl go to the priest to get the key for the tomb, the priest says “ God’s will is inscrutable” ( Marquez 112). Generally, in the religious people, the priest supposes to be nice, kind, and forgive to people, but he is mean to the woman and girl, even he talks opprobrious contents to the woman about her son. In this, the human corruption is occurred because the priest does not do what he suppose to do, even doing opposites things to do, such as blame the woman’s son. It is the magic realism that blames the human corruption by using non make- sense behavior of the priest. In the “ A very old Man with Enormous Wings,” people think that old man with the wings is the angel, but he never talks with the villagers, so “Father Gonzaga went into chicken coop and said good morning in Latin… he did not understand the language of God or know how to greet His ministers” ( Marquez 219). Father Gonzaga tries to talk with the man who has wings by Latin and argues that the Latin is angel’s language, but it is from the bible, which means he have never met the angel before. Even though he never meet the angel before, he believes the Latin is the angel’s because of what the bible saying, but ,even person who writes the bible never meet the angel. At this point, it contains the magic realism and the human corruption. People …show more content…
In the “ One of These Days,” Aurelio Escovar is dentist without a degree, which is weird, and Mayor wants to meet Escovar for his tooth, but Escovar is not. Therefore Mayor says “ if you don’t take out his tooth, he’ll shoot you” (Marquez 115). People do not like Mayor because he abuses to the villagers for his convenience. Escovar is also one of that people, but Mayor threats him that Mayor can kill him. Though this, Marquez shows the abuse of the power to readers. Escovar thinks this is the only chance to revenge, so he takes the Mayor’s tooth “ without anesthesia,” and he says it “because you have an abscess” ( Marquez 116). By his revenge, he wants that Mayor realizes what he is wrong and changes for their village. Although he succes his revenge, Mayor does not realize what he is wrong and what he deserves. It could be said that the human corruption that people do not realize what they wrong and what they deserve.
The human corruption and the abuse of power are expressed in Marquez’s book, Collected Stories, by theme of social class, which is from the class difference between people, religion, which is from believing of religious people, and politics, which is the abuse of power for own convenience with the magic realism. People become mean to another who is thought lower than themselves or the different with them, and therefore, through the stories, Marquez shows that human corruption

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