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  • XI The Black Shoes Bitterfield Summary

    leaves. The student tells the young worker he his not getting anymore cigarettes and a lot of people want them as much as the young worker. XIII, Worker’s playtime: Leipzig 1934. A radio announcer is bearing a microphone and chatting with three workers while there is a SA man standing in the background. The announcers starts to broadcast the show by introducing that he has workers visiting from the Fuchs spinning mill. He does a Q & A with the workers starting with the older worker, Mr. Sedelmaier. The announcer asks him how nice is it to see happy people? Mr. Sedelmaier says people like to joke around. The announcer continues the conversation about how bad the Weimar Republic was and how times have changed for the good. Mr. Sedelmaier never really agrees with the announcer with any of his questions. The announced then moves onto the woman worker asking her if she agrees the economy is booming because of the Third Reich. Miss Schmidt answers him by reciting what is needed to say. She also talks happily about the wash rooms and people get a little crazy over them because there are only six taps for 552 workers. The announcer finally gets to the last worker, Mr. Mahn, asking about how the work was and the pay. The worker told what they wanted him to say and the public to hear. The announcer slightly pushes the worker away from the microphone and ends his broadcast praising Hitler on his work. XIV, The box: Essen 1934. A woman and two children are in a working class flat. A…

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  • Cosell's Fame

    over New York on its first trans-Atlantic flight and reported the 1928 election returns” (p.6 ). Husing joined Columbia Phonograph Broadcasting System (CBS) where he created a device that was helpful to the announcers. According to Covil, “he was most known for the creation of the annunciator or spotter board which was created to allow announcer’s assistant to quickly identify players on the field for the announcer.” Sports was the work that gave him the greatest fame which made him the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Harrison Bergeron And The Pedestrian

    firefly light appeared in flickers behind the windows.” The author is implying how there is not a soul, outside except for the man. The government has the power. For those who express themselves as an individual, they are being captured. The authority can only have control, if it is allowed by the population. In the story, Harrison Bergeron, the characters seem to be very ignorant and they contradict themselves several times throughout the story. “it wasn’t clear at first as to what the…

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  • Depiction Of The Flaws In 'Harrison Bergeron'

    Benjelloun, Zakary Mrs. Salas English II Pre-AP, Pd.2 20 October 2014 Depiction Of The Flaws In “Harrison Bergeron,” Kurt Vonnegut Jr., the author, portrays society as a flawed system where people are reprimanded for their strengths. The government thinks that conformity is the answer to equality, but in reality it only makes matters worse. Limiting potential only hurts the growth of a certain society because making everyone equal will not generate the hardship required for a society to seek a…

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  • Personal Narrative: Joey's First Horse Show

    On a crisp morning full of excitement and exhilaration. It was Joey’s first horse show. As we pulled into the show. I could hear all the horses excitement with their new curiosity of who was the new horse pulling in out of all the many other that were already there. With the excitement already filling my heart and the joy filling my soul. I was ready for the wonderful weekend ahead. As I entered the Idaho center as I have many times before. This time it was different it had more vibrancy, more…

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  • Schizophrenia In W. P. Kinsella's Shoeless Joe

    In W.P. Kinsella’s novel, Shoeless Joe, utmost measures are taken in order to change the past, consequently leading to schizophrenia and a fictional past. Ray Kinsella gets a feeling he has to visit J.D. Salinger in order to fix the past. Ray claims to hear a voice and assumes the meaning behind it is to build a baseball field. Ray talks to Joe Jackson, Shoeless Joe, about completing the rest of the field since he only completed left field. Ray’s desperation to change the past leads him to…

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  • The Brave Dreamer: Choi Ae Ra Story

    child was to become an announcer.” She smiles as she remembers the time when she had a microphone toy that she would always use whenever she has something to say. “After high school, I left home and went to the city with my best friends to finally live my dreams…

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  • Analysis: The Clip Of Trouble Vs. Caution

    The clip of Trouble vs. Caution was that I needed to watch a couple of times to really get good observations about what was going on. Some of my initial thoughts were, “what is going on?” and “how is this relevant to the topic?” Each time I watched the clip I was able to realize different parts of the story and move beyond my thoughts of how bizarre it was. The announcer struggled with switching off between gender talk and the actual sport. They would comment on a move made or a strategy, they…

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  • Quotes From Slumdog Millionaire

    Slumdog Millionaire Jamal, the main character in Slumdog Millionaire, is being questioned by the police for cheating. They keep asking him how he did it and keep misusing their power by beating him up until he admits it. But he never admits he cheated because he didn’t. During the beginning of the movie, it takes place when jamal was a kid. His town was attacked and his mother died. Him and his brother roam the streets looking to survive. They come across many things. Jamal meets a girl named…

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  • Personal Narrative: Downward Diving

    glued on me watching and waiting for me to fail. This dive was easy, I didn’t even need to think, start with an easy dive end with an easy dive. I began to walk…. 1, 2, 3, 4 then hurdle. My approach was flawless, I remembered my arms and everything. I tucked then in less than a second I kicked out, but it felt like an eternity. As I kicked off the bottom I reflected on the dive “Was that good enough? What will the judges think?” When I came up there was a roar of applause and the announcer…

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