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  • Pros And Cons Of Anonymity

    Incivility is everywhere. It is commonly visible in everyday conversations, in debates, and online. With online incivility, anonymity is often targeted as the reason why there is online incivility. Both online incivility and anonymity encompass arguments that are for and against keeping them or banning them. Those who advocate for anonymity, such as Cornell Clayton, believe that anonymity provides a voice for the minority group against the majority majority and to protect individuals’ privacy. The argument against anonymity claim that anonymity either trigger a discussion not worth expanding on or it fuels comments that have no contribution to the discussion. Although there are negative aspects in anonymity, this poses a question if anonymity…

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  • Anonymity Of Bitcoin

    Anonymity The prospect of near-complete anonymity in financial transactions has been a much-lauded feature of the Bitcoin. This praise typically originates from those who support anti-government, and libertarian views of the financial system and Internet commerce. Those with more moderate views see that utility exists in a financial system that provides a level of anonymity for those operating within it, but it is understood that the funding of undesirable behaviors must be limited and some…

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  • Anonymity In Social Media

    Usage of Anonymity The purpose of using anonymity is to be unknown and this notion has been around even before the Internet was born. [5] The most functional usage of anonymity in society is to help conceal the speaker’s personal identity when he or she speaks out the truth or evidence against big organizations including a corrupt government. Speaking out these truths openly could endanger one 's life, therefore, anonymity has been used as a safe way to expose the immoral conduct of others…

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  • The Influence Of Anonymity On The Internet

    Anonymity as a Necessary Evil The Internet is filled with people that cannot be normally identified. They are essentially disembodied voices that speak when not spoken to and provide opinion even when they do not have a valid one to present, Anonymity is a necessary evil as it allows people to freely express opinion without retaliation, allows people to share information, and for the preservation of personal freedom. The United States guarantees a right to the freedom of speech. This means…

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  • Confidentiality And Anonymity In Research

    In research, integrity plays a major role in all phases of research. Researchers must strictly adhere to all of the guidelines that have been set forth. Privacy in research refers to the rights research participants have knowing that they don’t have to worry about their rights being intruded upon or their information whether physical, behavioral, or intellectual is violated. Research participants decide what information to share and what information to keep private (Jones, 2012). Anonymity…

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  • Disadvantages Of Anonymity In Social Media

    Anonymity is something that affects everyone on social media, weather they are aware of it or not. Anonymity can be used as an outlet for people to vent out their frustration in a safe place and say whatever they want without being judged, but anonymity can also be used to threaten or harass other people without any consequences. People act differently online than they would in real life because they have some form of anonymity that changes the way they People think that they can get away…

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  • Analysis Of Julie Zhuo's Where Anonymity Breeds Contempt

    writing a letter to your best friend you are going to write the letter keeping that particular person in mind. On the other hand, if you were writing the same letter to your mom it would be written differently because your attitude has changed due to the change in your target audience. Being able to reach that target audience can be tough because you have to relate information to them in a way where they agree with your points. A writer named Julie Zhuo wrote an article for the New York Times…

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  • Where Anonymity Breeds Attempt By Julie Zhuo Analysis

    Julie Zhuo’s essay, Where Anonymity Breeds Contempt, does not effectively reach content providers because of Zhuo’s lack of consideration to the provider’s own experiences on the topic of trolling. Throughout her essay she argues that content providers need to take control over trolling by not allowing anonymous commenters, watching over comments, and asking users to report trolls. By following these steps, Zhuo believes that trolling will decrease. Trolling is when someone makes hateful or rude…

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  • Social Media Influence On Identity

    As a human being, there are multiple personas an individual portrays every day. The personas individuals portray depends mostly on the setting they are in or whom they are in front of. Whether being in front of your employer, children, or strangers, these are different situations that reflects an individual’s personality. It is taken to a different level, when a human being approaches the internet community. Many individuals are users of social media sites such as Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook,…

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  • A History Of Alcoholic Anonymous Summary

    religious group believes that the only way to recovering from this addiction with the absolute four principles, as Ernest Kurtz the author of book title “Not-God A History of Alcoholics Anonymous” declares, "the principles of honesty, purity, unselfishness and love are as much a goal of A.A. members… resulting in collapse. The average alcoholic just couldn 't stand the pace and got nowhere (51)." Besides, these issues they also that the only way the addicted person can be free of addiction was…

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