Of Mice And Men: The Relationships In OMAM And AIC

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The relationships in OMAM and AIC shape the stories they tell. Although very different in settings and in characters, the similarities are clearly there. Some characters are significantly changed by the events that take place; others are completely unmoved.
In Of Mice and Men, Lennie does anything George does, he follows him everywhere he goes, and he is more likely to be his shadow. This is shown in the quote “They had walked in a single file down the path…Both were dress in a denim and denim coats” This shows or prove that Lennie resemble George in some other way by acting like him. In this world our shadow is always bigger than us and we decide how it should act and that is that is the same thing with George and Lennie, without
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Birling to trying to protect his family and company however he doesn’t know he is wrong when he fired Eva Smith, he wasn’t trying to protect his family however he was just trying to protect his company interest this shows that his company is more important than his family as he says"I 've got to cover this up as soon as I can." This tells the reader how cruel he is by trying to protect his reputation. He doesn’t want his reputation to be destroyed however he didn’t care about Eric stealing the money all he cared about that time is his money and this is the same thing Mrs Birling did at the end of the play, she has had to come to terms that her son is a heavy drinker who got a girl pregnant and stole money to support her, her daughter will not marry a good social 'catch ' and that her own reputation within the town will be sullied. Yet, like her husband, she refuses to believe that she did anything wrong and doesn 't accept responsibility for her part in Eva 's …show more content…
His wife flirts with other man on the ranch because he doesn’t give her the attention she need. They have a short time arrangement they got married the night they met this tells the audience that they didn’t really loved each other as she says “He said he was going to put me in movies…I never got that letter” this shows that she only married him because he thought curly would make her dream come true, her dream of becoming an actress. Curly and his wife are one of the lonely characters in the play for Curly due to his aggressiveness no one tries to be friends with him and for his wife no one talks to her because they are afraid of what curly would do to them.

Curley’s wife is a gold digger despite the fact the curly is treating her badly she is still not leaving because of the money and the horses. Curly is always looking for his wife because she doesn’t know where she is as he said “You see a girl around here?" he demanded angrily." He demanded highly because she thinks his wife is with someone else. The reason why Curley married her is to be happy in on the ranch since no one communicates with him, he wanted to happy however she makes him crazy and enjoyed it. So ultimately, neither one of them are very happy It’s a pretty unhealthy

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