Women And Society's Role Of Women During World War I

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World War I is a special time in history that was known for the soldiers and how they contributed to the war, although that was a large part, it was much more than that. It was an important time for change for everyone especially women. World War I to the 1920s was a critical time for the history of women’s rights; it changed society’s views about women and their rights, their role in society, as well as many rights they obtained throughout the time era.
Society’s views on women were always strict, they always had to earn the perspective of others, and it never came easy. First off women were always overseen by all men but especially by the government. They were overseen because men didn’t think they were important, women were never taken seriously
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Pervious to WW1 women were just regular housewives that had to obey their husbands. Their main role was to stay home and take care of the house. Which included cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids and her husband. The men thought that’s all women were capable of. Something women were judged off often was the health of their family, especially their kids. The health reflected how much the wife took care of the family. If the kids were constantly sick then the husband’s would be nagged by friends and co-workers for how bad his wife was at her “job”. Another thing was cleanness of the family, if the kids were caught with dirty clothes or no shoes because they couldn’t afford it, the wife would be belittled by others in the community. Usually other mothers would tell her children not to play with children that were caught like that, because they might pick up diseases. Before WW1 men indirectly owned women and children of their household. The man of the household was allowed to beat his children and wife with a stick no longer than a man’s thumb, or lock them in a room. This would usually occur if the wife did an unsatisfactory job at taking care of the kids or talked back to the husband. This would also happen if the wife didn’t prepare dinner on time for when he came back from work, or the house wasn’t clean. The children would usually …show more content…
They started taking over men’s jobs when they were at war. Some jobs they took over were running farmland, taking over family businesses, small everyday shops, and many other jobs. The most popular jobs women started to take over were factory jobs. Over 3,500 Canadian women worked in factories. The women enjoyed going out to work and taking over men’s jobs as it was something they weren’t used to. Doing this made them feel in power and a sense of freedom as they were never granted opportunities like this. Women went from housewives to munition factory workers, but they still had the task of being a housewife. Even though they took over the men’s job they still had to take care of the house and the kids. They especially had to be there for the children as they were missing their fathers at war, and their mothers always working. In this situation many of the older daughters started taking on the mother’s role. This was a tough time for women because even though they were getting work opportunities they still had their pervious responsibilities of being a housewife. Women had to manage both and still help out with the war. Other ways they helped out with the war was by making care packages for the soldiers, sending letters and food, making bandages and sewing warm socks for them. They contributed as much as they can to the war while trying to balance their other mandatory tasks in such a tough economy and time. Even though

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