Persuasive Essay On Licensing Parents

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Parents are the people who bring us into this world, although sometimes they seem like they didn’t want to, that teach us of growing up and becoming an adult. There are many great role-model parents out there that do good for their children, but some parents just can’t handle taking care of their children. Children need someone to look up to and to have by their side in their lifetime, but children out there don’t have that. Parents not caring enough about their kids or just flat out not capable of taking care of them, can lead them into tough situations that can change their life forever, such as drugs, alcohol, and committing crimes. There are many ways to lead up to licensing parents that could change everything for the better. Parents …show more content…
There would be a criteria and administration for licensing such as, “eighteen would be a reasonable age based on physical, social, and emotional maturity and the likelihood that the applicant had completed a high school education” (Westman). Doing this would make sure the person is officially ready of taking a big responsibility like caring for a child. Licensing would be great for our society and trying to make it improve with kids that are being abused and rejected from the things they love. People only have one childhood, so it’s important that everyone tries to make the best of it. It would be sad to realize if your childhood was full of abuse and crime whether it’s your parents or the child involved. Some people don’t think about the opportunities that they can have based on what they do as a child. For example, getting good grades in high school or being a great athlete gives a student a great opportunity for getting a scholarship whether it’s academic or athletic, and could try and base their future on what they are good at. Many kids have nothing to look ahead for, as of now, because their parents aren’t setting good examples for them to follow up on. Many kids follow in their parents footsteps, good or bad, because that’s what they are taught. Parental licensing would make the chances and opportunities of children having better lives have a drastic

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